How to Properly Brand Your Blog for Business Potential

by Emily on July 16, 2017

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No one said running a blog was easy, and when you are looking to expand it from just articles to an actual business, then you need to make sure that your branding is on point. Before you launch any products, it requires having a solid name and an idea of how you want to come across to customers.

Here are some tips when you are thinking about transitioning to branding your blog as a business.

Think about your audience

Before you make many more changes, you want to think about the main audience who engages and reads your blog in the first place. You might have a number of types of people from different age groups and various industries, but part of effective branding is knowing who is returning to your site again and again and who can use the products that you are trying to sell. Knowing your audience is the main way you can introduce affiliate links, suggest products, and eventually make a name for yourself within your certain industry.

Build your social media

Branding isn’t just knowing who to market to, it’s also building yourself as an authority within your industry. You can often do this by working on your social media presence and making sure you are interacting with people who want to be involved with what you have to offer. Post promotions for your product and be sure to answer any questions that your followers might have. This way, you are not only building trust and your brand name, but you are creating pages that customers will return to when they are looking for information.

Have a great design

While it might seem like a superficial aspect of branding at first, having a beautifully-designed website that connects with your audience can be one way to establish yourself and differentiate yourself from the competition. It can be a big expense at first, but how a business looks online is incredibly important in this day and age when you want to appeal to potential clients who might want to buy your product. When you build your blog, it’s often worth putting a little more money into in order to add interest in your brand.

Focus on content

What made your blog successful in the first place is also what will continue to draw new people in. Having information for clients through your blog that links to your product is the best way to let clients know why you are a source they should trust and why they should purchase from you. Think about putting together a content calendar that can assist you when you want to promote certain types of information relating to your brand and that can add to interest in who you are and what your product provides.

Making the transition from having just a simple blog to creating a business can be a challenge. But if you take time to think about how your brand can appeal to an audience, you are already doing most the work of making the leap to having your blog as a hobby to making it a running, functioning business.


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