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by Guest Author on July 16, 2017

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In this world of technology all wrapped all around you, it does take a toll on your life, body and habits. If you are like me, you may look for a way or a guide to set your life back on the track or may be to try to help you maintain your daily routine; well for that you don’t have to look far. I have scoured the web and am bringing to you these apps (all of which I have personally tried) which will help you get fitter, eat healthier and keep your life on track. Doesn’t really matter if you are an Android or iOS user as both the Google Play Store and Apple App store are stocked with a huge number of apps. And in here you will get to see all those apps which will help change your life for the better.

But before we progress, let’s ask ourselves first.

Will these apps work best for students?

Will these work best for job-holders?

Or are they most suitable for older people.

Well, to be honest with you; the apps listed here are for only those who want to achieve complete well being in their lives!

While some of these apps in this list promote better food habits and make you more conscious of your calorie intake, some others help you be fit and even provide you with a workout routine that suits you and some make you mentally tougher, better your habits and improve your willpower.

So let’s start by apps that improve mental capacity, increase your mind’s prowess and help you set better habits.

Brain Training Apps

1. Fabulous (Android)– It is an app that helps one develop good habits, by starting of slowly. It also provides several weight loss, fitness and meditation programs. If followed everyday, it will assuredly improve willpower, fitness and overall mental health.

2. Calm (Android, iOS)– It is an app which has a huge reservoir of meditation programs that spans from 3 to 25 minutes. While it is perfect for beginners, it contains hundreds of meditation programs for both intermediate and advanced meditation practitioners.

3. Elevate (Android, iOS; Free but has a Pro mode)– This app contains several programs, which helps one hone one’s mental skills like concentration, speed reading, memory and spatial skills.

Apps which Help You get Fitter

While, there are certainly a huge lot of fitness apps out there, not all work. I have searched, personally used and finally selected these as the top choices which you should try.

1. Charity Miles (Android, iOS; Free) – This app encourages you to run, walk or bicycle by paying you! Seriously! Corporate sponsors will donate a few cents for every mile you complete. May not be much at first, but after a few runs, you will surely earn a bit just by keeping yourself fit! And also, you may get encouraged to work harder as your runs, bicycling or even walking helps charities!

2. Fitbit (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Web; Free, $49.99 per year for Premium) – The Fitbit app can measure your steps and heart rate, track the calories you intake everyday, record your weight, and other information, such as blood pressure and glucose levels, so that you stay updated about your overall health each day and see it improve as you work harder, slowly but steadily!

3. FitStar (Android, iOS; Free, $7.99 per month or $39.99 per year for Premium) – This app is just like a personal trainer. It uses your feedback on which exercises were tough or easy to give you a workout plan for the maximum gain in the minimum time! But what may boost you up most is that the in-app trainer is former NFL player Tony Gonzalez!

4. Pear Personal Coach (iOS)/Pear Fitness Coach(Android) – The app functions just like a personal coach and guides you through workouts, runs, and yoga exercises. It is free but has in-app purchases.

While these apps promote fitness, you shall not get further if your diet is not consistent with your training regime. For that, comes the next section i.e., the apps which help track and improve your diet.

Apps which Help you Eat Healthier

1. Calorie Counter-MyFitnessPal (Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone, Web; Free) – A mobile app and website to keep track of all you eat and the calories you consume; this one is pretty easy to manage and has a huge database of foods and drinks. So, it is the perfect fitness pal to keep track of what you eat!

2. True Food (Android, iOS; Free) – A huge majority of more than 70% of all packaged food in USA and UK contain genetically modified ingredients/organisms which are not labelled. Now, there is quite a lot of debate about how harmful these unlabelled products are for our body. Truefood, helps you by warning you of GMI/GMO containing food products.

3. Health, Nutrition & Diet Guide (Android; Free) – This app is my favourite and I hope it won’t get replaced by any other upcoming apps on diet and nutrition! It isn’t just a healthy eating app but one that addresses health issues and provides rather helpful solutions if you truly intend about getting healthy.
While it mostly depends on you if you want to make your life better and to get fitter by the day, as nothing will work if you don’t, these apps truly are a powerful factor when it comes to providing you the much needed support if you are serious about achieving complete well-being. Check out the apps I have listed and rigorously use them daily and you will see your life changing for the better!

I hope you liked this selection of apps. If you have more to add, be sure to comment below.

Guest article written by: Hey there! I am Adhip Ray, a tech-blogger, freelance writer and founder of the tech blog “TechSavvy” where I post high quality reviews, comparisons, analysis and tech news on everything tech related including phones, accessories, gadgets, computing, laptops and gaming!

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