Staying Safe on Public Wi-Fi – Top 5 Ways

We cannot thank Wi-Fi enough for making the world such a better place for all of us. It helps in staying us connected to family, friends and work all day long. It is just because of this extensive nature that we get free Wi-Fi in events, malls, campuses, offices and literally anywhere we go. Though the benefits that open Wi-Fi networks provide us are huge, the potential for breaches associated to then are massive.

What makes these open networks so insecure? There are two possible answers to this– ‘the network administrator’ and ‘the users’.

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With an increase in the number of public Wi-Fi networks and the pace of mobile data transfers, the use of public Wi-Fi has become significant to the growing security risk as well. With the increase in the number of hotspots and mobile users, the attacks will compromise with the passwords, email accounts, credit card data, social security numbers, etc. The hackers will then be able to sneak on the communications, gain access to the bank accounts, steal corporate information and infect the IT systems.

But what can the users do to secure their data which using the Wi-Fi networks? Let’s refer to some tips:

#1 Always Choose Secure Networks

If given an option between an open and a password protected network, make sure that you choose the later. It might require a fee, but it is definitely worth connecting to a protected network to avoid the potential risks involved in the open network connection. If there is no option to opt for a secured network, then you can also your phone as a password protected hotspot, or invest in a Mi-Fi device.

#2 Disable Wi-Fi When Not in Use

Another approach to reduce the chance for Wi-Fi attackers to get access to your information is to limit the amount of time they could get an access to your device using the public Wi-Fi. When your device is not in use, make sure that you disable the Wi-Fi on your device.

Also take a moment to ‘forget the network’ on your device, so that it doesn’t automatically connect the next time your device is Wi-Fi enabled in that area.

#3 Turn off the Sharing Settings

Mobile applications and some general mobile settings allow easy sharing of photos, location and funds. It is good to use these applications when connected to your own network, but using the same on public Wi-Fi networks can reveal all your important information to the intruders, who may then easily access your personal data.

Thus, it is important to turn off all the data sharing settings on your mobile phone before connecting it to a public Wi-Fi network.

#4 Update Your Browser and Apps in Advance

It is important that you update your apps and browser quite in advance. Wondering how this can initiate a data breach? Certain online attacks are initiated by prompting the device users to update certain applications. If you accept a prompt by an attacker, they get an access to install all the malware on your device.

Thus, to avoid such a scenario, make sure that all your applications are updated, so that you can safely avoid accepting any such prompts.

#5 Use HTTPS or a VPN

If you are using a public network, always check for the lock icon in your browser before entering any sensitive information on any website. A Virtual Private Network or a VPN can secure all your browsing sessions. This works by encrypting the traffic between the server and the device, helping you protect your information from the intruders on the web.

We believe that the above mentioned tips will help you avoid being just another cybercrime victim. If you have any questions regarding the same, contact us today or discuss in the comment section below!

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