Influencer Marketing Is Now Bigger Than Digital Ads

Social media platforms have totally changed the concept of marketing and it is continuously changing its strategies to approach buyer in more efficient manner. You must have noticed that we have left behind the age of digital ads and moving ahead now to more trustworthy sources like influencer marketing and social media marketing. Consciously or unconsciously, we are having a great interaction with influencers if we are online buyers. You might have heard this term so many times but we believe that approximately 50-60% of buyers wouldn’t even know what actually the influencer marketer means.

An influencer marketing is a strategy in which seller himself is a potential buyer of the brand he is working for. You may call it a third party approach to sell things. People usually trust influencer marketing instead of digital ads because they cannot trust a label only to spend their amount. They will obviously go for a brand where someone is recommending them to buy that as he has experienced that himself. It’s a game of reliability and trust. Now question arises that from where these influencer marketers emerge and how do the brands deal with them. Famous brands hire people to be their influencer for a specific amount. It can be decided as a monthly salary or per project cost. These people are hired as content writers, advertisers, bloggers, social media experts, SEOs and many other posts to market the brand they are working for. Social media and content marketing are two major sources of influencer marketing. People have left trusting ad headers because they often are spreading false or exaggerated information so they don’t believe on labels anymore. This trend is swapping digital ads with influencer market rapidly and here we have stated how it is worthy to be called better than digital ads.

Upon Social media

It’s not a big deal now to interact with those who have already used the same brand which you are going to buy. It is being highly observed that people will rarely choose a digital ad to purchase something directly, social media has enhanced the concept. Clients often enter to comment section below to read the comments and rating of users. That means, instead of marketers, people now look at each other to make a decision. If something is having a good rating, client will have no hesitation to purchase it. Social media platforms today are cluttered with brands and shopping carts. People are heading towards online marketing again as was a bit confusing for them when there were digital ads only. Most common complain which they were having was that they were not getting the actual quality which is shown in ads. This issue is almost resolved because clients can interact with each other about product quality.

Updated information can be followed

Influencer marketing has another plus point that clients’ messages are getting reactions and replies and it enhances the life of a specific reaction a brand or product gets. Influencer basically have a serious responsibility to gather most updated information about a brand and to deliver it to other clients who are following that specific thread. It makes online deals fairer than ever. Like what happens in a digital ad media that people are simply getting messages to buy something, the influencer has a top priority to spread information to create a stronger network to appeal more clients. People love to get involved in discussions and that is how influencer marketing gets more and more customers.

Much simpler

Influencer marketing is way simpler than digital ad marketing. Digital ads need lots of decorating, editing and attractive material to get customer’s attraction. Because the ad is the only showcase where advertiser has to put up catchy lines and the whole message. There is no option to communicate with clients. In influencer marketing, there is no need to pack things in a small place. You just have to broadcast your message through a blogpost and within a few minutes, you will be getting thousands of viewers checking your blogs. People know that they will be responded so they feel themselves comfortable with communication and questioning. It is such a big platform that social marketing is providing to business owners which has changes the whole concept of marketing and made its scope quite wider as well.

There are lots of more to discuss about influencer marketing but to cut it short, it is the finest form of online marketing till today. We can expect that more progress can be made as things are transforming unpredictably. You cannot imagine what you are going to have after ten years. Make one thing clear in your mind that online marketing can be quite crucial if you are unable to handle its strategies well. You will have to invest lots of time to make your network strong or you will be forgotten so easily. Do not leave things unattended, make a schedule for posting stuff regularly and respond quite humbly and professionally. It’s a totally new topic which can be discussed further that what are the successful strategies to flourish your online business.

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