Tiny Secret Most Express VPN Service Reviews Are Silent About

by Emily on February 3, 2017

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What do we need to know about Express VPN for it to become our go-to privacy solution? As users, we only care about particular features like connectivity speed or privacy protection or even compatibility with Netflix. Design and customer support are a pleasant bonus.

What are reviews giving us in their turn? Detailed specks of back-end functionality, arrays of content about logs as well as colossal tractates of Tor browser compatibility issues. Boring!

I’d get this approach if you and I were hackers. We would need that kind of information. But we aren’t hackers, are we?

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Express VPN review users may benefit from!

Our team decided not to go for the average Express VPN reviews routine. We will only talk about features and functionality that’s useful to a particular user. Like, for example, the fact that Express VPN recently changed their policy regarding cross-device support. You are no longer limited to connecting 3 devices of different types. You can now connect up to 3 devices of any type like, say, 3 Smartphones or 3 laptops.

Let’s get on with the stuff we care about. Shall we?

Pricing policies

Basic price comes as high as $12.95 per month. You can cut it down to $8.32 with a yearly subscription, though.

The price may not seem like a big deal for really useful software but here’s the first secret most reviews never disclose – European VPN providers provide clients with close to identical services for half the price.


You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to run Express VPN. All settings are pretty much automated. The app sets up and chooses appropriate network protocols on its own.

You still have the option to adjust everything manually but, frankly, you probably don’t have the time nor desire to mess around with something that already works fine by default.

Compatibility with Netflix

Technically it does. But only with certain servers. You can ask about which servers are currently operational and ready for streaming through live chat support. Same can be said about both Hulu and BBC’s iPlayer.

Why does the app work from time to time? The same IP is used for most users on the system to ensure higher levels of security and encryption. But, at the same time, it’s easier for companies like Netflix to block these IP’s once and for everyone.

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Express VPN is proud with 1K+ servers in more than 78 countries. This is, by far, more than the average number of connected systems other VPN providers brag about.

What does this mean regarding speed? Your connection will come directly from a server that’s closest to your geographical position thus enhancing the speed dramatically. The Colossal spread of servers makes coverage even easier.

In simpler terms – you can freely stream a 1080p video without any buffer issues.


If speed is all your heart desires – Express VPN should be your go-to decision. If you are interested in saving cash of playing around with Netflix a bit more – consider other VPN service providers. Preferably from Europe!


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