5 Flourishing eCommerce Trends to Emerge in 2017

commerce-shoppingEvery New Year brings a new hope and 2017 in no different. With the passing year, we have seen vibrant success in the most trending industry entitled ‘eCommerce’. Annual compound growth of 11 % is what the eCommerce specialist have expected after analysing till date numbers done by online business.

Online shopping is now every common person’s cup of tea and now is the most preferred method of buying products that starts from the necessity and includes even high-end goods as well. Thus to be successful in the digital race, online marketer and eCommerce business owners must run with the updated trends that shall flourish in eCommerce development industry.

In Year 2017, you will also experience updated technology, growing ecommerce app designs and a greater shift towards user defined customer satisfaction. With these changes, you must keep a bullseye on the latest eCommerce industry trends that shall govern entire online business strategies.

1. Forget old-fashioned cyber Monday or Black Friday, CYBER November is in today:

Every country in the globe has equal importance for its festive and online industry will brilliantly serve this role by celebrating the entire November as the festive November season. This shall give retailers a big boom to offer a high range of products and an ample time to promote the products, brands and a break from the problem of brand clutter.

Worried how this trend will advantage you as a digital marketer, here is the answer:

  1. Exclusive planning is possible to promote your product in festive season
  2. Adjustment is possible on terms of delivery, availability and personalization.
  3. Less burden of heavy logistics and storage
  4. Boosting of brand name.
  5. Quick respond to the demands and better customer satisfaction

2. Virtual reality/ augmented reality

If your customers start feeling, the experience of buying with plunges of stimulating their visions and hearing in their online shopping experiences, your sale will be floating. This experience is possible by using technology that supports virtual/augmented reality, which will gain tremendous success in 2017. Augmented reality is quickly coming in mainstream via mobile app development where your customers can view the real world blended in digital components. AR shall enhance the user buying behaviour by adding the virtual mix of components such as various digital images and graphics.

3. Exclusive Customization for Exclusive Customer
Exclusive customer will expect a real time customization in 2017 that will serve as a dynamic shopping experience to your customers and online visitors. Today the mobile application industry has flourished the online industry and gives personalised user experience to an online shopper.

In 2017, we will notice the unique ecommerce app designs that will be customer centric. No more vague recommendations and no unwanted suggestions, marketers will serve the dish that will be exactly required by their customers with the help of latest and smart personalization platforms like Monetate, Magento 2, Sitecore.

Overall, a dynamic shopping experience keeping in mind the customers’ choices, geographic locations, age, gender, past purchases behaviour, post purchase expectations, future purchase requirements shall be adhered in 2017’s eCommerce industry development.

Few tips to cop up with this eCommerce trend:

  1. Capture data from your data warehouses, social media presence, call centres, CRM centers.
  2. Focus on real time data ingestions through real time data streaming, relational and unstructured data breakdowns.
  3. Efficiently enrich your data by continual discovering, validation, co-relation building, and refining the unstructured data.
  4. Finally provide value to your customers by personalizing the product recommendations, appropriate search and on-site results, and finally the ad retargeting.

You can design an app with help of top eCommerce app developers who can help you to provide the app with features like real time customer appearance. In addition, the app can help the customers to avail customised discounts coupons based on the nature of customers.

The more the customer spend time on the app the more data you can collect about the preferences that shall help you to seize down to their actual requirement and expectations.

4. Real time Chat buddy:

This New Year will give you a real time chat buddy called chatbots that will help in customer engagements. Customers will get more streamlined suggestions and recommendations with the new technology, which feels more human and reliable, then any other marketing tool to create a better online shopping experience. This eCommerce development will help customers to get real time order confirmation through messenger apps and also the required help, guidance, suggestions, and recommendations. This is a cross selling tool which can be used to sell related goods and services and thus ultimately benefiting the customers and online sellers.

These Bots will change the entire shopping pattern of the shoppers by helping them in terms of size, colour, preferences, past purchasing history patterns. This eCommerce development will bring revolution in eBuying.

Your buyers can also chat with their friends, or past buyers of the same products using the chat options build in the latest ecommerce app design to take the reviews and suggestions about the product. This will also help in brand building and brand popularity.

5. Theory of Prediction Analysis:

You have existing customer, customer is buying your products, but is this the end of your relationship with your customer? The answer is a big no. Because you do not want to lose this customer and want that, this customer should come back to you repeatedly. Right?

This is possible when you know what exactly your customer shall require after his/ her current purchase. If you are right with this prediction, you win the customer and his loyalty. This analysis is possible with right data collection and analysis by using tools or eCommerce platforms like AgileOne, Rich Relevance etc.

The big Data theory helps to identify the potential customers, their preferences and accordingly the customers’ having similar interests are clubbed in one bundle and prediction analysis says that it is more likely that they shall buy similar products as they have similar purchasing habits. Thus, targeting becomes easier and thus promotional activity becomes more refined.

What is important for this prediction?

  1. You choose right data to analysis
  2. Right consumer behaviour is observed
  3. Right people are clubbed together with having similar buying patters
  4. Marketing and promotional efforts should pursue on Right Time.
  5. Analytical approach is required.

Some other trends that shall flourish in 2017 are:

  • Anytime, anywhere voice search options.
  • Goodbye to the traditional wallets and welcome to digital wallets.
  • Real time happenings to shape up in dynamic shopping experiences.

Therefore, marketers these trends will spine in 2017. Now you must make sure to keep yourself updated with the latest technology, right types of eCommerce app development is required specially developed by top eCommerce app developers because experts only know what your business exactly wants.

‘Keep booming; keep growing because entire eCommerce space is yours.’

Guest article written by: Sourabh is a Digital Marketing Lead at July Rapid, a digital change studio of July Systems Inc. July Rapid team assists startups and enterprises to build engaging iPhone, iPad, Android, IoT and Wearable applications.

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