Top 5 Live Video Streaming Solutions in the Industry Today

Video content is slowly gaining momentum as a splendid choice for engaging viewers. It is not only an effective marketing tool but also a reliable content delivery system that broadcasters, television channels or anybody interested in a media-centric business can try their luck with. Reelseo reports online video streaming to have increased by at least 60% in the past 3 years and is again poised for massive growth in the near future.

Selecting a video streaming solution is no child’s play. There is plenty that goes into consideration right from the platform of delivery, scalability to cross-device compatibility. After our analysis, we zeroed in on the top video streaming solutions that are worth spending money on. Here are the top 6 video streaming solutions to pick from.

Contus Vplay

The live video streaming and on-demand video solution from Contus is a perfect solution for broadcasters, new and existing television channels or even cable TV operators. The live video streaming solution offers digital content delivery across all screen-sized devices, from mobile devices to flat screen televisions and everything in between. With the number of viewers who watch videos through mobile devices is increasing on a yearly basis, an OTT platform like Contus Vplay can be quite a game changer. Contus Vplay OTT live video streaming software also provides measurable insights in the form of traffic updates and viewership metrics that can be used to analyze user behavior. The reports are streamlined for further consolidation and comparison.


Wowza is one of the many live video streaming software. It comes with a free trial for its video streaming engine and streaming cloud software. If it serves you, the video streaming software can be bought for a cost of $65 per month, per instance. The price gradually dips with continuous purchase for successive instances. Wowza also offers live video streaming to mobile devices, laptops and even hybrid forms of devices. Highhq reports that 50% of the online video is not traced from mobile devices. Wowza is a planning to tap into this market space available for video streaming android or other OS platforms.


Brightcove is a cloud based live streaming software that has out-of-box video streaming capabilities. The software offers for advertising and monetization using video streaming and also facilitates features for content protection, encryption and DRM. Brightcove is also open to integrations with third party extensions for improving content delivery across multiple devices. The video streaming software also offers real time analytic reports on viewership, content analytics and custom reports, etc. for meaningful decision making.

Streaming solution offers live streaming of events as well as content delivery across mobile devices. The live video streaming software uses a combination of transcoding software/equipment, radio linking software, encoding software and real time statistics to drive value for video streaming sites. Stream solution is also primed for mobile streaming of video content across iOS, Android or Windows operating systems.


Akamai claims to have a perfect live video streaming solution that will simplify video streaming. The software is devised to have an intelligent stream packing and delivery system that is fail proof even when traffic picks up rapidly. The cloud-based storage further adds to the system’s efficiency as a massively scalable video CDN. Akamai also offers video analytics to monitor video playback quality and to assess key metrics to provide superiors viewership experience.

In a nutshell

Looking for the perfect live streaming solution? We hope we have covered as much as we can for you to zero in on a solution that will yield results. In case you are yet to make up your mind, most of these corporate video streaming solutions offer free trials for a limited period. Check them out before you put your foot down.

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