Web Design Vs. SEO – Is One More Important Than The Other?

With the confusion of websites in Google’s system, a more nuanced approach and the emphasis is required for both website designs and search engine optimization. In the world of the internet, it is essential that your website is appropriately functional yet appealing, and charming, and also easy to locate. This is when the essential tools of search engine optimization and website designing will come to play a vital role. In this article, you will learn just how vital both website designing and SEO are and which one you should prioritize more.

Learning the basics

a) SEO

SEO is a fast-growing area of the website industry and a vital concern for anyone who wants a website to get designed. As an essential tool for online marketing, a well-organized search engine optimization will oblige people to visit your website, thus, ensuring your site becomes more visible in prime search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

To draw an easy analogy, you can compare your website to any physical shop. SEO is that path which your visitors, clients, and customers will be using to locate your shop. So when this path becomes more distinct from all the others and comes through all the clutter, then your shop will have a better chance of success. However, without it, you will still be able to have a running business throughout such media like people’s word of mouth, good external marketing, and repeating customers, then again your company still will not be operating to its full capacity.

There are a lot of aspects which needs to be looked into for your search engine optimization. The most important considerations are:

  • Selecting proper keywords, ensuring that they are incorporated inside page titles, the headings, and also throughout the content as ‘metadata.’ The keyword analysis will be coming from your competitive assistance, and be dependent on the contest for those keywords. These keywords are how people will find you by using them in search queries.
  • Alt tags should be used for every image that is inserted. These will be describing what the pictures are to search engines, and also to viewers who are blind.

b) Web Design

A good web design is another crucial ingredient for your business’s success on the internet. While it is lovely to have people visit you in your shop, you would still require a method to win their attention and have them engaged enough to make purchases. Using the same analogy of the physical shop, having a good web design is equivalent to having a neat and clean shop. You shall require various aspects to be sorted to engage your customers like having your products displayed correctly, a well mannered helpful staff, clear map of where everything is. Because when a potential customer or a visitor enters your shop, they get enticed enough to buy from you your products and thereby become regular customers. This is what a good web design does to your business page. Good web design qualities are:

  • prominent “call to action” messages that are strategically positioned on your website,
  • An attention-grabbing look and engaging feel, which should be in tandem with your company’s branding objectives – you should want your webpage to be distinct from the rest so that people are occupied and get interested. A cluttered webpage will not get many repeat customers or visitors.
  • Easy navigation so that your customers can locate their way around your website. Provide ease of access to essential links.
  • Your website design has to work aroundmultiple browsers. Do not build your design around any specific browser. Keep the style flexible so that users who use other browsers can still access your site.

The clash between web design and SEO

Often, the aims of SEO and web design will clash. While web design will demand using larger fonts and colorful texts to make the content engaging and prominent, SEO will require inputting various keywords all through the page. SEO will also want to use less of images and more of words to entice your customers while web designing will want more pictures.

What should be your point of focus?

You should focus on both. You need to use a combination of both SEO and web design. You must employ an attractive, appealing, engaging design which will comply intelligently with SEO requirements. You can hire the services of SEO expert for web designing requirements.


Both web design and SEO are essential to the success of your business. SEO and web design at times can have different requirements and demands. But to create a successful and efficient website for your business you need to find a balance between design and SEO. You will need to ensure your visitors find your website easily in search results and then also find your site appealing and engaging enough to become your customers.

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