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Video on Demand (VOD) sites such as YouTube and Netflix buzz with a range of activities. From entertainment to edutainment, from gossips to movies, YouTube offers everything. YouTube is accessible in far-flung parts of the world. This video sharing website primarily uses Adobe Flash technology to handle the content. Interestingly, most of the content is user generated. Users can upload and share movies and music clips. There are videos on amateur content such as video blogging etc. on YouTube. YouTube has an impressive business model. We are a world besotted with entertainment and this characteristic alone fetches superior revenue to YouTube in the form of ads, brand campaigns, patents, copyrights etc.

YouTube has over a billion usersand the number of YouTube users is growing every day. YouTube’s grandiose reputation is gaining ground on the fact that an average American spends around 5.5 hours with video content. However, Video on Demand (VOD) market is not kind. It is rife with competition and the unkindest fact is that many new entrants fail in this business. While this can be attributed to the inconsequential efforts and research that businesses do, certain differentiating features such as smart keyword search system, email notifications etc. make YouTube a class apart from other sites.

Let us now look into the tools required to design a website like YouTube. You require web design software such as FrontPage and Dreamweaver to develop active pages. To play the videos, you require video players such as Flash. To facilitate HTTP live media streaming, you require Adobe Flash Media Interactive Server. Just aggregating the tools is of no use. It is your expertise that matters. The importance of landing pages is known. If you do not pay enough attention to the creation of landing pages, you will be dislodged from business.

Therefore, you have to create and edit the images in Adobe Fireworks and Adobe Flash CS3. The edited images have to be subsequently imported into Dreamweaver. After that, you have to develop login and logout pages using HTTP and CSS. To establish connection between ORACLE database and Linux Apache server, you require active page techniques such as ASP.NET and JAVA. For this, you have to install the setup files and create an environment.

Well, the process takes around 18 months to complete. Integrating social media is a herculean task. Affordability is another issue. Software such as Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Flash CS3, Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash Media Interactive Server etc., are available at premium prices. Please be informed that pirated versions of the software do not have premium features. You cannot trade quality for price. Apart from all these charges, hosting charges are appalling. The final nail in the coffin is in the form of content ownership and acquisition charges.

To summarize:
Average duration: 15 – 18 months+
Software Costs: $300k
Hosting Costs: $200k
Content Ownership and acquisition: $100k+

No matter how rich you are, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to design a YouTube clone is simply unacceptable and unreasonable. To conclude, designing a video sharing website from scratch is a capital intensive proposition.I have a concrete and comprehensive suggestion: Buy Streamhash, a proven video streaming script that helps you build YouTube clone. It is a cost-effective proposition. Here is why you should purchase Streamhash:


Themes bring users into new territories. To grab as many eyeballs as possible, it is important to have as many captivating themes as possible. One of the questions that might be boggling your mind is- Is there any dedicated theme repository? Of course, Streamhash comes with awesome themes. All the available themes can be classified under one of the following categories:

  • Netflix theme
  • Tube theme
  • YouTube theme
  • Teen or adult theme

This live video script solution allows the business owners or admins to switch between themes in just a click.

NGINX Server

An average internet user does not have fast or super-fast internet connection. It is therefore important to play the videos seamlessly without any latency. Otherwise, your target audiences may switch to your competitor websites. NGINX Server addresses this issue. It improves the streaming performance by converting HTTP data into RTMP. For your information, HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. RTMP stands for Real Time Messaging Protocol. This server is resistant to malignant cyber thefts and attacks. Apart from seamless buffering and robust security, this server saves your RAM. Other servers may consume too much of your RAM. Browsing at ease is made possible, all thanks to this server. For webpages, Streamhash uses Apache server.

Upload Videos

When it comes to uploading videos, Streamhash’s reputation for sobriety is peerless. You can upload your videos to your live video streaming website through YouTube link or an Amazon S3 bucket. Even normal uploads are fast. Any website link will work.

Structured Admin Panel

As mentioned earlier, most of the data is user generated. Hence, there are certain challenges to be tackled carefully. For instance, a section of over smart users may try to upload objectionable content. Some other section of users may upload pirated content. Such things may land you in trouble. Streamhash’s admin panel helps you manage all the user accounts. You will enjoy the privileges of banning users by IP, country and region.


There is only one word to describe the design of themes- ‘Exceptional’. User interface is intuitive. In case of any assistance, ‘Knowledge Base’ module should be used.

SEO Optimized Website

One of the important SEO factors is loading time. Every second is important in live video streaming business. If your website takes a lot of time to load, your business will be haywire. Streamhash genuinely addresses this issue. As a matter of fact, it takes care of other SEO parameters as well.

Analytics Module

When it comes to Analytics, I struggle to think of any other live video streaming script other than Streamhash. This module tracks the number of users, number of unique users, number of viewers, number of unique viewers, number of views per videos etc. It provides suggestions related to videos and subscriptions. As a business owner of the site, you will gain insights on email notifications to be added etc.

24/7 support

Most of the live streaming video script providers deceive audiences by making them buy into the idea of 24/7 support. In fact, they outsource their support to third party panels with little or zero expertise. A long process is followed in which the business user has to first raise a request, get a token of acknowledgement and wait for service. Most of the support is either in the form of email or a customer support forum. Sometimes, live chat sessions are also absent. When it comes to round-the-clock customer support, Streamhash is a class apart.It delivers more than what it promises.

Miscellaneous features

Streamhash provides other features such as a provision to import videos and embed codes, enable users to comment on videos and rate their favorites, create channels and monetize them in the form of advertisements. Banner ads and in-video ads are supported. Apart from these features, social login and integration is also supported. Content ownership is a pressing issue. To deal with it, Streamhash uses a robust Digital Rights Management (DRM) module. By leveraging API (Application Programming Interface), video streaming on Android and iOS apps is made possible. To facilitate transactions, PayPal payment gateway has been integrated.

Streamhash is available both as a premium and non-premium product. Non-premium version is devoid of many features. It is recommended to purchase Streamhash Ultimate for best results. Visit the website Streamhash. Test the free version of the product Streamhash LITE and then take an informed decision.

You may not be getting instant results in Video on Demand (VOD) business. Be patient and do not give in to negative thoughts. If you require any assistance or if you have any concerns, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. You may expect the response in one or two days. Best wishes for your business. Cheers!

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  1. nice platform but the problem is the maintenance. If they produce something new you are forced to follow up/pay for upgrades.

    • I guess once you bought the product, maintenance will be free as they told me. Subscription basis you just have to pay $49 to them each month. Currently, I’m using it’s services.

  2. I think this is out of line a bit. If womeone is going to setup their own server to run their own Youtube clone, there are tons of great open source options out there in cluding PeerTube, YouPHPTube, and more.


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