5 Content Marketing Trends That Will Change SEO in 2017

Everyone has its own opinion about a business and the scope of business is changing with every passing day. It is therefore observed that people are adopting new strategies for their businesses, for example, content marketing has become a great practice in 2017 and first-hand businesses are financing content creating and distributing. One thing, therefore, can be said with complete confidence that in the coming 2-5 years, content marketing will become the greatest industry with huge investment.

When there is any improvement or progress in an industry, the relevant industries get influenced as well. SEO is the biggest part of the content market and it is anticipated to be changed to a large extent, seeing the pace of performance in the content marketing industry. All those tips and tricks which SEO experts are using today will be obsoleted in coming years.

We are here to evaluate the biggest five trends that will totally change the concept of SEO in coming years.

Video Optimization is becoming popular amongst marketers:

Videos are no doubt the most influential content which users want to explore. It has been the fastest growing content on the internet because users always want something innovative, something interesting and video is the greatest source of entertainment. Right from the beginning, people are admiring it and spending a huge mobile data just to view videos and obviously, it has improved mobile market to a big scale. After Google, YouTube is the largest search engine which is used to upload approximately 500 hours of quality video play every hour.

Marketers are investing a huge amount of money at video content sharing annually. Because of such high uploading rate, Google takes most of the users to YouTube when they search for something and it’s really beneficial for marketers of relevant brands. This trend is pointing to some turning points for SEO. First of all, we are seeing that video consumption will never stop, it will be increasing with every passing day. Secondly, marketers will be investing more money to create and publish video content. Thirdly, YouTube has promoted itself to be the largest platform for video sharing. All of these points show that marketers are going to promote their videos using all SEO strategies, you are going to see keyword rich SEO titles and SEO campaigns running to make videos high ranked and popular.

Live Video Streaming for Trending Keywords:

Another emerging trend that is going to change SEO strategies is live video streaming. You must have observed that live video broadcast has already been so popular on Facebook and it is highly liked by social network users. The study shows that in coming 2-3 years, almost 88% of search engine result will be live videos. Live video streaming is much more effective and easy to share; therefore, it is the simplest tool for marketers. They do not need to edit or dub it as they can share it to the audience with just a click and in RAW form. Let us see that how it affects SEO. As live video streaming is going to become an authentic source of getting information, as all of the content is being broadcast live and there is no chance of editing, Google will start showing a maximum of live video streaming results.it will be like YouTube videos only with a tag of ‘Live’ next to it.

Marketers are going to choose native advertising for marketing content:

There is a huge competition for marketers in almost every niche and if you are a marketer, you will have to invest in sources like a native advertisement if you want your content to stay live in front of an audience. It is a huge challenge that how you drive traffic to your brand. Native advertisement involves SEO for three main objectives.

  • SEO has to create relevant clicks to place at the end of the content so the user can find what he wants to. It is called native ads optimization.
  • Making local substance that expands mark notices or back links from peruses and different bloggers.
  • Driving activity from local substance into a business pipe. Identify weaknesses in your substance dissemination and make a rundown of firmly adjusted distributions where you can utilize supported substance.
  • Explore different avenues regarding self-serve content dissemination stages to spread your stuff more extensive

Small sized content is going to give a comeback:

It is obvious that the content which is comparatively longer positions well and it has been for a long while but since of this, organizations are emptying cash into longer and longer content notwithstanding for subjects that don’t merit long substance. internet users are as of now becoming weary of perusing a similar substance repeatedly in various words and themes,

As an experienced SEO, I will let you know, the response to this inquiry is dependably the same: improve for the reader.

Along these lines, I anticipate we will probably observe a rebound of short content, particularly for points that don’t require the top to bottom answers. SEO is turning towards writing the short description, keyword based and to the point. It is not important to put lots of description which makes the reader bored. We will be getting a small description in many forms, one of them is infographics which are interesting and appealing to the user. You have to hit the question that looks quite lengthy but need a bit of information. Create small answers of those questions and distribute them to your social media accounts.

Personal branding, SEO’s secret tool:

With an individual brand, you’ll have a less demanding time securing visitor posts, building client trust, and driving more activity to your site. Be that as it may, a shockingly low number of brands have exploited this in their SEO endeavors. As online networking stages like Facebook keep refining their calculations to support singular posts over marked posts, I expect we’ll see more organizations and associations exploit individual marking. This will at the same time prompt more open doors and more rivalry, so keep an eye out—and ensure your system is all together.

All of these changing scenarios of content marketing are leading to having a totally changed theme of SEO. The SEO should keep an eye on everything that is getting influence like we have discussed live video streaming. Also, it should see the trend of bite-sized answers to long trail questions. We can anticipate seeing a thoroughly new look at SEO for content marketing in coming years.

Guest article written by: John Alex has been working with various clients for over three years. He assists in Business planning with bengu. In addition, John also works as a marketing manager at http://juicylogos.com/

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