5 Digital Marketing Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Know

As search engine technology evolves, so does the way people use it and how businesses must optimize for it. For entrepreneurs, your main goal must be to create a solution which solves a need, monetize this solution, make an effort to increase growth and revenue and get the right team to support you. However, knowing exactly what your teams are engaged in will help you make better decisions for your business, and nowhere is this truer than with digital marketing. This article lists five things you should know:

1. Mobile optimization already became critical

Today, more searches are conducted on mobile than on desktop, and searchers are less patient with sites that are not mobile optimized. This means that search engines are no longer forgiving when it comes to mobile friendliness. Google in particular released their mobile-friendly update way back in 2015 and has now included this as one of the top ranking signals, along with site loading speeds and other mobile signals.

If you still haven’t implemented responsive design or factored in the needs of your mobile searchers, you’re losing revenue by the bucketfuls. You risk being de-indexed for all mobile searches and even the few that will come to your site through other means are likely to bounce back once they see how tedious mobile site navigation is for them. A seamless experience across all devices is no longer an option, and if you haven’t done it already, it has become critical for you.

2. SEO is more than just a project

You may have heard the term “search engine optimization” for so long, and a few myths related to it, including the fact that SEO is dead. Considering that Google rolls out over 500 updates and tweaks to its algorithm every year in order to better suit the needs of its users, it is foolhardy to think that you’ll create a good product, put it on a good website and the product will call people to itself in an environment with millions of websites and billions of webpages.

As a business owner, you need to think of SEO, not as a project – with deliverables and a start and end date – because this is the first way to fail at digital marketing. Over 70% of users begin their search for anything on the internet. Given how fast algorithms are tweaked and changed, investing in fulltime SEO is not an option, and this should be done by professionals that actually know what they’re doing, such as Edmonton SEO Agency. Yes, even for you who’s just starting – especially for you, actually?

SEO doesn’t die; it only changes its approach. For as long as there are search engines using bots and mathematical algorithms to locate content on the web, there will be need for some form of optimization to guide these bots through your site and let the search engines know that you hold the information they’re looking for. And you’ll need to do this consistently and wholeheartedly for as long as your business is running.

3. Digital marketing isn’t just PPC

A few years back, digital marketing was limited to pay-per-click ads, but PPC is less impactful today than it was just a few years back. These days, you have to offer more than just an ad to get a user to click through to your site. Users need their questions answered, and that with useful content – informational rather than promotional.

You can pour half of your marketing budget into PPC, but without actually addressing user requirements, you’ll end up with click-throughs that you’re paying for that never amount to revenue for you in form of conversions.

These days, you need to have your message out on multiple platforms – AdWords as well as organic search (SEO), social networks and email messaging. Large companies understand the importance of using multiple platforms not only to promote the business, but also to build relationships with your customers through platforms that they are most comfortable on.

This isn’t about dropping your AdWords campaign. Instead, you must consider it one out of a number of ways to reach out to your consumers, and energies must be divided to ensure that no channel is pushed at the expense of another.

Conversion doesn’t come from being on a page where consumers give your business a cursory glance; it comes from using different methods to draw clients to your business and then working to keep them there by providing useful content in easily accessible formats as you guide them down the purchase funnel.

Larger companies – those which are already household names and enjoy significant market share – invest in several marketing campaigns to push their products and services, and so should you, who’s working towards brand recognition as a newbie.


As technology and online marketing strategies evolve, startups must begin to think seriously about their online message and how best to present themselves to a public saturated with information. You must find ways to make your business stand out as a solutions provider above all the noise.

Guest article written by: The author has over ten years’ experience working in the field of SEO and digital marketing and is currently part of the team at Edmonton SEO Agency. You can connect with him via Twitter and LinkedIn for more of these insights.

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  1. Thanks admin for your sharing.First of all thanks for the details explanation.Digital marketing the core concepts begins with digital revolutions.Your points are highly appreciable and it really signifies the present trend of marketing.Digital marketing is very much effective and it’s strategy bulging methodology owns the crown for better establishment on business growth.SEO trend is changing daily basis and your tips are really impressed me.It has helped me to acquire some good knowledge on modern SEO techniques.Thanks for sharing your views.

  2. There is no doubt that content marketing is replacing the other tactics and techniques of digital marketing we are applying now a days as content is counted more whether it is in the form of blog, article or website content.

    Content is something that makes a reader come again and again over a website in the hope of getting something new and valuable every time.

  3. Wow, I didn’t realize that Google has over 500 updates and tweaks to its algorithm every year in order to improve the user experience. Making sure you have a good online presence that will allow customers to find you seem pretty important. Based on all the updates and importance of having an online presence, finding a company to help you seems pretty important. I would assume that most small business owners could benefit from a business who specializes in things like SEO.

  4. A digital marketing concept starts with digital revolution. present trend of Digital marketing is very much useful and it’s strategy bulging tactic owns the cap for enhanced establishment on business enlargement. SEO trend is varying daily basis.

  5. Great tips. In today’s world, mobile optimization has taken priority as the traffic from these devices are higher as compared to desktops. When I look at my own website analytics the visits from mobile devices are always more than 50% and I have seen it increasing month after month.

  6. I agree with you. All the tips are really informative. I would like to say thank you for this informative article. Every entrepreneur should read this article.


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