Mobile Apps or Websites? An Honest Comparison

by Guest Author on December 14, 2017

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The debate of Website vs Mobile Apps has been long-standing, and while a large number of smartphone users prefer mobile apps over websites, other believe mobile apps are brief, take up more and more storage with time, and bring down the phone’s performance. However, if we compare both from a business perspective, we don’t have many people with a say because frankly, mobileapp development company supporters won’t acknowledge the pros of those of website, and vice versa. Well, we don’t believe in that, and hence, here is a pure, unbiased comparison between website and mobile apps:

Mobile App Development vs. Website Development


When you talk about features, a mobile app would probably win, because the way a platform serves features matters big time. And in this case, websites have a slightly scattered feel compared to mobile apps, unless very well designed, which may incur high costs compared to an average mobile with better interface at a much lower price. 24×7 availability, ability to use hardware and ease of operation for users, are some of the reasons why app developers are shifting to mobile app development space. Also, some of the automation development companies have infused these apps with cognitive features as well, which makes mobile apps so much more appealing, compared to websites.


From the perspective of customizability, mobile apps can be personalized up to a great extent, as against websites, which have to be used as they were offered. Some of the most popular apps from categories like entertainment, messaging, media and more, offer customizability in terms of themes, skin colour, font size, font style etc. Websites, on the other hand, changes only when the owner makes changes. So, in this category as well, mobile apps win.


Content is quite an important aspect when you are aiming for mass reach and especially, loyal customers. While certain provisions can be made to increase the amount of content one in stuff in different ways in an app, creating and organizing content on a website is far easier in comparison. Since we have known the World Wide Web, websites have been a reliable source of information for those who want to explore more about a brand. On an app, you may put hyperlinks that redirect to your website or external links, or even redirect through push notifications. But eventually, where do you send the users to? A website! So, in this case, website is a clear winner.


Many may vouch for content quality being something they would prefer over other aspects, design definitely does play an important role when it comes to visual treat and communication; though sub-consciously. While most the beginners use pre-installed templates given by platforms such as WordPress, professional players would always prefer a well-defined website that is no less beautiful and appealing than an app. In case of mobile application, mobile app development companies have also devised tools to infuse surreally beautiful interfaces and smooth transitions between screens. So, the good news is, ‘it’s a tie’.


On a mobile app, everything is at your fingertips, with 24×7 accessibility. In case of a website, you might have to dig a little deeper for the information. Features like Hamburger menu, side menus, filters, and more, have greased up functionality on android, more than ever. Websites on the other hand, have limited ways to tweak the functions and basically, for a website, it all comes down to pre-installed templates. Although some of the websites do include a Hamburger menu on the interface, it is the ease of access that comes with a finger swipe that makes Hamburger menu so appealing and not the outlook or design of it. And as a result, we have seen several experiments on websites, fall like a house of cards, and hence, websites just never can deliver the same level of functionality as app development companies do in their apps.

Guest article written by: I am Manisha, Technical content writer at FuGenX technology. FuGenX is a CMMi Level 3 company and is a fastest growing mobile app development company in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida, India.

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