Top 10 Music Apps That Ruled Over The Internet This Year

The number of music apps available for Android devices can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve narrowed down the choices to our top picks from the Google Play Store. All of the following are free to download and use, though the majority offer subscriptions or in-app purchases for additional features.


This is one of our favorites and user reviews on the Play Store give it an extremely high rating of 4.6/5 stars. Spotify enables access to a huge spectrum of artists and albums, and you can make your own playlists or opt for a ready-made playlist. You can also opt to subscribe to Spotify Premium with no ads and additional features such as being able to download music to listen offline. If you haven’t already downloaded Spotify we urge you to try it out.


The free version of SoundCloud has plenty to offer with more than 120 million tracks. It will recommend tracks based on your music habit and likes, and features include SoundCloud Charts, playlist creation, and being able to connect with friends and communicate with favorite artists. If you want even more you can choose to upgrade with a subscription to SoundCloud Go, SoundCloud Go+, or SoundCloud Pulse.


TuneIn is our preferred app for listening to radio over the Internet and over 100,000 AM & FM online radio stations are on offer. You can access coverage of live concerts and as well as music you can listen to live sports coverage, talk radio, news, audiobooks, and podcasts. Like most of the popular free music apps, it’s available to download at no cost. However, in-app purchases are available and you can subscribe to TuneIn Premium for additional content, unlimited audiobooks, and music streaming 24/7 without ads.


Google’s own music offering comes pre-installed on Android devices and covers just about everything under one roof. It not only gives you music streaming and stores up to 50,000 tracks from your own music collection to the cloud, but also enables you to purchase music, play radio stations and more. A subscription model of the app is also available that gives full access to the Google Play library.


An old favorite, this music app still remains immensely popular with users across the world. Its skill is music identification, allowing users to swiftly discover any track that’s playing in the immediate vicinity. Shazam also offers access to song lyrics, video clips, and streaming services.


Vevo takes a different slant as it enables users to watch music videos as well as listen to music. The free music streaming content covers a wide variety from some of the best and well-known artists, and you can search by genre, artist or song.


iHeart Radio brings you live streaming of AM/FM radio stations and has a catalog of over 450,000 artists covering just about every genre. You can build a personalized station with the My Favorites Radio feature, choose music for the mood you’re in, and also stream sports events and play podcasts. In-app purchases for premium features are available with iHeart Radio Plus and iHeart Radio All Access.


Google’s dedicated YouTube Music app offers a massive catalog of music that you can listen to as well as watch and it’s a much better platform for listening to music than the general YouTube app. If you don’t mind the ads you’ll get by on the free version but if you pay to subscribe to YouTube Red you can remove the ads and still listen to the music when the screen on your device is off.


With the popular Deezer app you can stream live or recorded music, discover new music, enjoy singing along with on-screen lyrics and much more. One of the best features is called Flow, which offers a non-stop stream of personalized music, very much like a personal soundtrack. If you opt to pay to subscribe to Deezer Premium you’ll get extras such as unlimited music, no ads, superior sound and audio quality, and an offline mode. In fact, it’s one of the best apps to listen free music.


We love Jango as unlike most popular music apps it’s totally free with no extra subscriptions or in-app purchases necessary. You’ll get access to a sizeable amount of radio stations, free unlimited listening, and the ability to create custom radio stations.

Our compilation of the top 10 music apps that ruled over the Internet this year is now complete. We hope you enjoy many happy hours of music on your Android device.

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