Top 8 Questions to Ask Your Cloud Computing Provider

With the evolvement of cloud technology, each and every entrepreneur wants the best for their business. After all, it is helping businesses of all types and sizes streamline their operations. But yes, choosing the right cloud computing provider in Calgary can be a little tricky, as there are various factors that you need to consider. However, there’s no need to worry at all; simply shortlist a few companies and ask a couple of important questions to each one of them. And then, hire the provider whose answers convince you the most.

To know about the “must-ask” questions, keep reading this blog.

What Kind of Cloud Computing Services Do You provide?

This is the very first question which you should ask all the shortlisted companies. After all, if they do not provide the service you require for your business, then they won’t fit your criteria. So, make sure that this is the first question you ask.

Where Will You Store Our Data?

Secondly, you need to ask your provider about the place where the data would be stored. You have to make sure that your business data is being held at an up-to-date center. It will insure both performance and reliability as you access the services.

Additionally, it will be a bonus if the company cloud it in Calgary, has one or more fall-back data centers.

How Secure Is My Data with You?

Business information and data are crucial and that is why, security should always be the main concern.Thus, you must make it a point to ask your cloud computing provider about the security policies and practices, size and experience of the team, past breaches and issues (if any), so that you can get an idea of how secure your data will be with them.

Do you Perform Regular Backups?

While most of the entrepreneurs do not forget asking the prior questions, this one gets forgotten quite often. But, you have to keep in mind that backup and restoration are two critical components of cloud computing. So, if your data gets corrupted, deleted or becomes a victim of ransomware, the solution is to restore a recent backup.

Thus, make sure that you ask your potential cloud computing providers whether they provide hot backups or not. If yes, then choose the company as they would be providing the best facilities. This would also ensure that you would lose no/little data if any misfortunate incident happens to take place.

How Will You Manage My Services?

While selecting the right provider, ask them about how exactly they will manage yourservices. Many companies offer their clients with consolidated services management functionality and that goes a long way in helping a small company do more with less.

How Flexible are Your Services?

One of the major advantages of cloud computing is that it provides sufficient flexibility to add capacity and services when they are needed, and remove them when it’s no longer required. So, do not forget to ask the shortlisted companies whether they offer flexible consumption or not. If not, then do not commit the mistake of hiring them.

How Will You Manage if My Workload Evolves?

Your business is likely to grow in the future and that is why you need to ask if your prospective cloud provider can accommodate the volume of growth you anticipate. Explain your requirements in detail and research whether any of their current or past customers have used the same or not.

Can You Provide Me With Some Testimonials?

And yes, do not forget to ask the companies to provide you with a few testimonials to know what their users have to say about them. You can even Google their online ratings, prior to hiring.

These are some of the questions that you must ask before hiring a company for cloud it Calgary. Do not assume that only big names in the market would be able to provide you with what you are looking for. There are many small or medium-scale businesses with greater scalability and flexibility and thus, you have to research really well. Start your search now!

Guest article written by: DeAnna is a regular blogger on IT solutions in Calgary. To know about cloud it Calgary, read his blogs and articles.

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