Revamp social media for 2018

2018 is approaching, quickly. Social media marketing is at an all time importance, and it’s time to tackle it head on. While you may be active on your personal accounts, when was the last time you took a good look at your company’s profile? Using online tools like Desygner, it has never been easier to overhaul your online presence. Here are three tips to start the new year right.

Change Your Profile Picture

When was the last time you looked at your logo? Maybe it’s time for an update.

Sometimes less is more, and current trends in logo design emphasizes simplicity. Complex profile pictures can distract from their general purpose, connect a post or profile with a specific entity. This connection could be the difference from someone interacting with your post, engaging with your company, and possibly choosing your company over a competitor.

If you are considering creating a new logo, here’s an example:

Notice a difference?
Playing with the combination of words and symbols is at the heart of logo creation. Aligning text, images, and colors with your brand’s message is what makes for a great logo.

Logo creation isn’t easy, but with some preparation, a compelling logo can attract new customers and give your brand a true identity.

Take a bit of time, jot down some ideas, and have fun with it.

Change Your Profile Header

So you made a new Profile picture, now for the Header. Probably the most overlooked section of a profile, the Header provides visual context of who you are and what you do. More real estate mean more options for imagery and word usage. Similar to your shiny new profile picture, you don’t want to overpower your header with words. Keep it clean, keep it simple, but get your message across. Let’s look at an example.

Notice the symbols behind what the company does, and how they do it. Similar to a profile picture, it will never be perfect, but a good header can enhance brand relevancy and the connection between your brand, and the content you produce.

Embrace live functionality

Instagram Stories has exploded in popularity in 2017 and almost all platforms have adopted some form of live feature. It is a great feature to showcase your company’s day to day activities, the company’s culture, and the ability to be hands on with your product or service. Maybe you want to broadcast a tutorial, a Q&A, or a sale. We see this feature be expertly implemented by today’s top brands, but it isn’t as difficult as it may seem. All you need is a smartphone and a plan.

Don’t feel comfortable in front of a camera? That’s okay. You are still able to make compelling campaigns and impressive calls to action with static images. Marketing your business using this feature creates a dynamic interaction for your followers and give them more content to engage with. Maybe you have a secret sale, a coupon code for your online store, or give followers a behind the scenes look at your company.

Consistency is key in brand marketing, but if done well, can increase traffic to your site or store.

Finally, a bulletproof social media strategy is learned. Commit to your strategy 2018 and enjoy the process.

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