How dependent are we on smartphones? – Infographic

When we need to find out more about something, our default reaction is usually to turn to our smartphone in search of the answer. It is often our first port of call for trivial queries such as who played a character in a film you might be watching, as well as important matters like getting bills paid and finding directions when navigating your way around an unfamiliar location.

This infographic from Neon SMS explores the extent to which we have become reliant on our smartphones to solve life’s common dilemmas. While there’s no disputing the extraordinary capabilities of the device, it can be argued that we have become too dependent on it and that our own problem-solving abilities have declined. There’s also the school of thought that smartphones have influenced our interpersonal behaviour for the worse, as evidenced by groups of people silently entranced by their phones rather than engaging in verbal conversation.

The best approach is to think of your smartphone as an accessory, and a hugely important one at that, but not to let it render problem-solving skills as a luxury. What if you need directions instantly but your phone signal is down and you can’t interpret or access physical maps? Use your phone to its full capability, yes, but don’t allow it to become a replacement for cognitive skills that are easily learned.

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