Finding Job Security in an Increasingly Tech-Driven World

Job security is a big deal, especially in the current climate. Bouncing from job to job and facing constant layoffs are demotivating, plus they look bad on your resume. So does an inability to find a job at all. A college degree is no longer a guarantee that you can find and keep a job, nor does it ensure that you’ll make enough money working in the field in which you’re trained. Today, there are several instant gratification jobs making waves in the employment industry, but they’re not as secure as you think.

Transportation Isn’t the Answer to Your Prayers

For decades, truck driving and similar transport-based delivery jobs have seemed like a relatively easy, efficient way to make a decent chunk of money in a position that will last. Until recently, the thought was that our goods and products had to get from point A to point B somehow, and people were always needed to get them there. Also recently, nearly anyone with a car discovered the glory of Uber and Lyft. The ability to make money driving people around appeals to many, with some folks jumping on the bandwagon with fleets of indie cars and drivers.

There’s a problem, however. Truckers, Uber drivers, and even cab drivers may not have as much job security as previously thought. Self-driving vehicles, for instance, are already taking away jobs, and as the technology improves, it’s possible that companies all over the country, if not the world, will turn to this cheaper alternative. Similarly, drone technology is quickly making delivery drivers obsolete.

So Where’s the Security?

To find true job security, you have to look at areas that cannot use technology. If robots can cheaply, easily, and efficiently do a job, you don’t want that job. Can you fix those things? Can you fix things in general? Do you have a green thumb and an eye for design? Handymen, contractors, landscapers—these are the positions with security.

Want to rethink your future?

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