Smart Local SEO Strategies Meant For Small Businesses

As a marketer and small business owner, it is important for you to let Google identify your location and know what exactly you are offering. This way you would be appearing on Google’s SERP more often and you would be visible to the relevant audience. Local SEO is pretty confusing and it is quite challenging. It is often quite difficult to understand where actually you should be starting. Google’s Pigeon algorithm makes it mandatory to learn and understand organic search engine ranking factors for establishing a robust local search presence. Here are some effective Local SEO strategies for boosting small businesses.

Come Up with Local Places Pages

Firstly, you must make it a point to create one local business page each meant for the three main search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You would then land up with three distinct listings and dashboards for managing. All you would be required to do is simply filling out all your relevant business information including your location, your phone number, etc. Once all the necessary information has been given, you would be ready with an account.

Optimize Your Page and Categorize It Effectively

Optimization of the local pages implies you would need to upload substantial amount of pictures, listing all the services offered, and giving details regarding your operating hours. Optimizing your page is very important but categorizing carefully and properly is supposed to be the key step toward optimization for local search. Remember search engines would certainly not be presenting a business which is not categorized. Moreover, a business would never be demonstrated by the search engine, if it is not categorized correctly or if it is actually miscategorized for a specific bunch of keywords. Get in touch with the most reliable and competent 3AM SEO Company.

Online Reviews

According to experts, Google would be looking at online reviews as the key ranking factors on the latest carousel design. Your reviews are meant for those Google users who are able to see your organization on Search Engine Ranking Page. Online reviews are pretty effective as they are easy and quick ways for the consumers for deciding which precise link they would be clicking.

There are several different methods of boosting the number of online reviews. Obviously, you are not interested in fake reviews or bribing customers with gifts for reviews. You may consider putting a button on the webpage to make things easier for visitors to initiate the process. You may effectively prompt consumers to write a review post purchases. You may consider talking with individuals in your company or store regarding leaving a review.

Top Quality Photos

When potential customers are browsing the Internet for local businesses, obviously, they would be looking for pictures. Most local accounts would be allowing you to upload a minimum of 10 photos. You must consider this to be your objective. Go on and upload at least, 10 pictures. It is quite crucial to click photos of the actual building where your business office is located and also consider clicking photographs of all your products. You may use your business’s logo as that could be effective but it would be best to use the image of the real company building. All you are required to do for uploading pictures is simply visiting your local listing then clicking a link which says ‘Add Photos’. It is as simple as that.


Your website must have your phone number and all your contact information. It is also crucial to incorporate regional or city keywords wherever feasible and consider writing content that is specific and relevant to the local area.

Guest article written by: Steve Watkins is an SEO consultant at 3AM SEO agency. He is also an avid blogger and enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience.

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