3 Things You Didn’t Know About Modern Chainsaws

by Guest Author on June 6, 2018

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Power tools, especially chainsaws are regarded as those dangerous, fuming and noisy professional equipments that belong to remote forests and horror movies. But in recent decades technology and innovation have advanced greatly in this field as well and these beasts became accessible and safe to use for regular homeowners too.

No need to be afraid

Manufacturers have been busy designing and producing chainsaws that are fit for occasional residential use, even for those who never operated or even thought of owning such a tool before. A wide range of safety features have been developed and became standards for the new range of chainsaws.

These include low kickback chains, emergency stops or chain brakes that prevent injuries in case of sudden movements, and chain catchers, should the chain cut loose.

No more toxic fumes

Gas operated chainsaws ruled the world and deep forests but while they are still the preferred choice for professionals, homeowners have the easy to handle and low maintenance option now to go electric.

Corded and cordless chainsaws are overselling their gas counterparts in retail and they are both cheaper, lighter and easier to operate.

The fact that there is no need for mixing oil and gas, easy start features and lack of toxic fumes from the two stroke engines make electric chainsaws a popular choice. They are clean to run, don’t annoy neighbors on a Sunday morning and don’t require the usual chores of maintaining a gas engine.

Kids love chainsaws

It doesn’t have to be Halloween for kids to long for chainsaws, even though the most popular time for getting plastic chainsaws is that time of the year. They love to run around as a Texas Massacre and bag those well deserved sweets.

Actually, boys and girls from the age of 3 are happy to mimic whatever their parents do in the garden, including using power tools. Toy manufacturers came up with rather realistic kids toys being it a leaf blower, tool set or, to stick to our topic, toy chainsaws.

These toys produce realistic noise, some are even move the plastic chains like it was running on a real chainsaw.

Outdoors fun is great for family matters and strengthen father and son relationships, while kids feel more confident, more grown up and related to their parents.


All in all, chainsaws these days are affordable, some beginners models are well below $100, which is a real bargain. So if you were thinking of cleaning up the yard after storm, in fall, or cut your own firewood, then there is no need for excuses anymore. Make sure you check some reviews and read up on safety best practices first, then go and get one, as every man should own a chainsaw once in their life!

Guest article written by: Jason is the Chief Editor and Founder at gardenlifepro.com. Gardenlife Pro reviews everything being it a lawn mower, chainsaw, grill or the latest oil for your power tool, so that you can make the best decision.

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