5 Best Academic Writing Websites for Improving Grades

Academic writing is the most valuable part of your education. Without getting good grades for it, you won’t be able to proceed. It is a rather obvious claim. What is not apparent is how to improve those grades without struggling too much. Bad news — there is no magic. Good news — there are websites which can help you out. They are easy to reach, simple to use and some of them assist you for free. Let’s take a closer look.

Grammarly, Ginger, and Hemingway

These are the most useful and professional grammar, spelling and style checkers. They can do magic with your texts — you just copy parts of your final draft and receive a valuable analysis of your paper. We mention three because they have somewhat different algorithms and if you use their trial free versions it is better to use all three to spot different mistakes. However, if you are truly willing to improve your grades, you should consider buying a paid version of one of these checkers, and we recommend Grammarly for that. Its premium version is impeccable, very professional, spots the variety of mistakes, tracks progress and lets you learn a lot while editing your text with Grammarly. It also gives examples and explanations, not only makes adjustments which you won’t remember. We recommend buying a premium version for half a year — it will be enough for you to spot your weakest grammar spots and improve them.

Tutoring Websites

We can’t recommend one in particular, because they are all very similar in quality. Lots of students use Fiverr looking for tutors, and it is also a viable solution. Addressing tutoring agency or a website hosting tutors, you make a long shot, but it is worth it. If you find a genuinely professional assistant, you will learn how to write papers on your own and use these skills for years to come. Tutors can help you with proofreading as well, but mostly they are hired to teach you, not to do your work instead of you. Good tutors are a little expensive, but it is much cheaper to hire a tutor than to fail a particular class or semester. Be very attentive and choose the tutoring website with the most reliable payment system. It is better if you can pay using the website that guarantees you payment, not send money to a tutor directly.

Reliable Academic Writing Service

You can choose any, but we recommend SmartWritingService as the best academic writing company with an enormous team of freelance writers. This agency has more than 10 years of experience and is valued by many students around the world. They write papers in more than 60 disciplines and can deal with any type of assignment. As far as we’ve checked, their price range is very affordable, and the offered pricing policy is fair and logical. If you want to save money — order in advance. They offer a progressive delivery option for extended papers like research proposal or thesis, so you can pay in installments and receive your assignments part by part. 100% originality, timely delivery, and full confidentiality are guaranteed.

Websites with Professional Citation Generators

Again, it is hard to name one, but you can be sure that trying the first links of a Google search, you will find what you are interested in. Citation generators help to make formatting process easier and faster. Check the ones supporting the latest updates of the MLA and APA manuals.

Proofreaders at Fiverr

Fiverr is famous for being a place where you can find almost any help for $5 or so. Of course, it doesn’t mean that someone will proofread your research paper for $5, but your essay – may be. It takes several minutes to register there and make a small deposit which you can use to pay for the offered services. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find our whether the services you pay for will come out high-quality or not. To make sure you will not be scammed or pay for nothing, order some services at the minimum price and check the quality before you pay for more substantial work.

If you need fast and efficient help with your papers to improve academic writing grades, it is better to address a professional writing service. If you want to develop your writing skills and have time, you can hire a tutor. And to make your writing faster and more efficient, you can use grammar checkers and citation generators.

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