5 Best Gadgets from NASA That You Must Try Out

NASA is amazing. It has completely revolutionized the way we viewed outer space in only a couple of decades. So many people in the world dream of working for this prestigious organization one day.

To some, this may seem like a fairly geeky dream. But believe you me that NASA is a lot cooler than geeky now. If you were to visit the space station just once in your life you would be so awestruck that you might want to take up astronomy yourself!

NASA has come up with so much new technology and their advancement is so fast that the smartphones and other gadgets we use every day are outdated and useless to most workers there! Their technology has also seeped into our lives and we sometimes make use of it every day. One such example is:


Ray-Bans and many other high-end sunglasses manufacturers have, in the past decade, started making very stylish, durable, and protective sunglasses. If you own a pair, you might have noticed that they no matter how old they are, they are pretty much spotless and sturdy as anything.

The technology for these sunglasses was developed by NASA. The components of the glass were initially for astronauts only so they can protect their eyes from harmful rays and small debris in the environment.

If you don’t own a pair yet, I think it’s high time you get to sample some grade-A NASA tech now.

Star Gazing Telescopes

The one thing that comes to all our minds when we think of NASA is their telescopes. We think of watching the intricate details of outer space with one of their highly advanced telescopes for stargazing. As someone who has sampled these telescopes first-hand, I can safely say it is an out of this world experience! Some of us might have even bought home telescopes to enjoy stargazing. But Nasa’s telescope is gigantic.

Zero-Gravity 3-D Printer

So 3-D printers have recently created a storm in many manufacturing markets, so NASA decided to own this piece of high-end technology and put their own, outer-space-friendly spin to it as well.

The Zero-Gravity 3-D printer was very recently used to produce a socket wrench away from the Earth’s surface. It was a huge achievement for humanity and means a lot towards habitation of other planets in the future.

If you ever get to try out this amazing piece of technology, consider yourself one of the luckiest people alive.

Invisible Orthodontic Brackets

You really do not have to try this if your teeth are well aligned but NASA actually developed one of the most popular dental materials of all time, i.e. invisible braces.

They developed a kind of ceramic that remains well-formed in warm mouth temperatures and is the same color as our teeth. No more braces embarrassment thanks to NASA!

Water Reclamation System

NASA also developed the WRS which is a system that can take all kinds of filthy water (urine, sweat, moisture, etc.) and filter it into perfectly clean and drinkable water. This meant the world for our heroes up in space stations and it considerably cut down the costs of water transportation in outer space!

Guest article written by: Juliet is a part of a Student Astronomical Society. She is an avid reader and science lover. She is an astronomy geek with a keen interest in new technology and gadgets for looking into space.

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  1. These are awesome tools and gadgets. I specifically liked the zero gravity 3D printer and I will get myself one.


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