5 Ingenuous Ways in Which SCADA Can Improve your Business

by Emily on November 25, 2018

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According to Wikipedia, SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition) is a control system architecture that utilizes computers, graphical user interfaces and networked data communications for high-level process supervisory management of various projects. If you have been considering utilizing SCADA systems in your operations, then you should get in touch with Parasyn today. They will assist you in designing a suitable SCADA system to meet your specific needs. Here are some incredible benefits that you can enjoy from using a top notch SCADA system:

1. Remote control of operations

This is one of the top benefits of having a SCADA system. It allows you to control and monitor the various activities going on in different machines or equipment within your firm. For instance, if you have a factory, then you will be able to see the level of operations of each of the machines and even input data or perform calculations without being physically on site. This feature makes it easy for you to multi-task and move from one place to another while still being in complete control of the various activities going on in your firm.

2. Instant alarming

When it comes to complex multi-step manufacturing processes, a small problem in one area can cause operations to shut down in the entire factory. Thus, it is vital for you to be informed on any malfunctions as soon as they happen. Luckily, this can be made possible using a SCADA system. This is a unique feature that allows you to be informed of any problems via your smartphone, tablet or any other device that has been authorized to receive data from the SCADA system.

3. Easy reporting

Are you curious about the efficiency of your factory machinery? Have you recently done some upgrading and you would like to see whether the efficiency of your factory has increased? Well, all this is possible when you have a top quality SCADA system. Owing to the automated reporting software incorporated, you won’t have to spend countless hours making manual reports anymore. All the necessary data will now be easily available in a clear and concise manner.

4. It saves time

Do your engineers waste a lot of time troubleshooting to discover the source of a problem in a certain piece of machinery? Do you wish that you wouldn’t have to physically travel to the factory to monitor operations? Well, your dream can become a reality thanks to SCADA. This is because the automated system will allow you to save time through remote monitoring, alarming, report generation and many other functions.

5. It saves money

Ultimately, the aim of any business is to increase efficiency thereby minimizing losses and maximizing profits. Having a SCADA system will enable you to hire less staff thereby saving on labor costs. In addition, you will also be able to see an accurate analysis of the efficiency of each machine and thereby implement strategies that will help you to increase productivity. This ultimately leads to lower overhead costs and more profits.

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