5 Ways Virtual Reality Can Help You Build the House of Your Dreams

by Guest Author on March 18, 2018

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Architects have been using computer software to generate rudimentary 3D models of future projects for decades now. The only problem with these 3D models is that they’re difficult to imagine to scale, and they don’t offer a lot of detail. Perception of size is slightly difficult to translate, and you don’t always get a panoramic experience in those simulations.

With virtual reality, the entire game is about to change.

1. Eliminating Communication Errors

Communication errors happen all the time, like getting crispy chicken instead of grilled chicken in your salad. This is a communication error that’s easy to fix. What’s not easy to fix is an error in the expensive construction of your home. You don’t want to see a chimney in the wrong place – this is expensive and time consuming to fix. VR models can be used to close gaps in communication and assure that both parties have a mutual understanding of what the desired outcome should be.

2. Trying Before You Buy

You might think that your design ideas are the best possible thing, but getting them out of your head and into the real world could make you change your mind. VR will allow you to do a dry run. Maybe full glass walls aren’t a great idea in your living room, because you don’t like the lack of privacy. You may not know until you experience it. Virtual reality will allow you first hand experience with a design before you’ve fully committed to it. You’re less likely to have buyer’s remorse, because you can virtually encounter problems before they become a part of your home.

3. Making Changes Before The Build

Even if you have all the big stuff ironed out, you might have some gripes about the small details. If anything needs to be changed, you’ll know before the construction starts. Maybe it’s something as simple as the wall texture or the lighting fixtures. Whatever it is, you’ll know preemptively. You’ll be able to walk into the build of your home with a strengthen and perfected vision, and the home will be more than move-in ready by the time you’re starting to unpack.

4. Accurate Cost Estimates

Building a home is very costly. You don’t want to find out that you’re going to run thousands of dollars above your budget, particularly if you only have a finite amount of money set aside to find the project. By using virtual reality to make your vision come to life, you’ll be able to measure the costs down to the dollar. Sometimes unforeseen costs are inevitable, but you’ll be able to keep them under control if you have an exact model that’s already been budgeted and you’re attempting to perfectly match it.

5. Creating Perfect Plans

Before you start building, you’re going to need plans. You’ll have to buy the land you need to build on and make sure there won’t be any restrictions with that land in terms of price, terrain, or what’s acceptable in that area. The plans themselves are costly, and you don’t want to have to continuously revise them. If you can get them drafted and approved the right way the first time, you’ll be able to avoid any red tape or restrictions you may not have previously known about.

Virtual reality is rapidly becoming the future of architecture, and everyone is embracing the convenience and experience it can provide. If you’re trying make the vision for your dream house become a reality, VR will always be the perfect starting point.

Guest article written by: Audrey Robinson is a technology enthusiast and a careers expert, currently supporting Datastical, an online knowledge library. With her unquenchable thirst for knowledge, she can often be found online, learning about new technological advancements and sharing her ideas with others. 

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