7 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Mommy Blog

The number of mom blogs is growing by the minute. New moms love the idea of making money from home and help others at the same time. So it makes sense for them to start a website (after checking out the income reports of all the other hard-working boss ladies with their websites that make a ton of money monthly) and monetize it.

After the initial set up, however, they face the first challenge of growing a website – building traffic. But there are plenty of ways to get traffic to your mommy blog and each is absolutely doable even for newbies.

Here are 7 things you can do to bring attention to your new site and start making money from it:

1. SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a must for bloggers. While you don’t need to do any advanced SEO, on-page is important. The difference between optimizing a blog post or page and ranking it in the top 3 results on Google, and appearing on page 2, is huge. If you already have a product to promote or are earning through affiliate marketing, that difference can be thousands of dollars every week or month.

If you aren’t sure how SEO works, check out a few guides online to understand the basics. Make sure your title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, etc. are taken care of. For the rest, such as making your site faster, you can hire a freelancer.

2. Participate in Facebook Groups

Facebook is a place where many other mommies and potential readers of your blog are spending a ton of time daily. So it makes sense to make it part of your routine and form relationships.

The best way to get traffic to your mommy blog from Facebook is to join Facebook Groups related to your niche and be an active member. You should never appear spammy, though, or aggressively promote your blog.

Instead, you should be helpful, provide insightful answers and only link to your blog posts whenever necessary.

3. Mention Other Bloggers in Your Posts and Ask Them to Share It.

It’s important to learn how to promote your website through networking. In fact, most of the traffic tips in this article cover exactly that.

One great way to do that, which is a basic form of influencer marketing, is to mention other bloggers in your articles and then reach out to let them know.

Asking them to share the post would be enough to grab their attention. And if you really did a good job and created a practical guide that’s better than the average content on the same topic that already exists, they might even mention you on their blog. This would bring you extra visitors and some link juice.

4. Post in Forums.

The next step to networking and growing a successful mommy blog is to find Q&A sites and forums in your niche and start using them to your advantage.

Again, if you tend to include a ton of links or promote your blog or products in every comment you leave, you’ll most probably get kicked out. Aim for usefulness and know that if you provide value, you’ll get the same in return.

5. Be a Guest Blogger.

Don’t do your writing only on your mommy blog. You’re missing out on new audiences that would love to know about your site. Guest blogging can help.

Reach out to bigger publications (in your field and even outside of it) and offer to write a blog post. You might be rejected many times in the beginning while you’re still no one in the mother’s niche, but a few positive answers will be enough to improve your reputation and grow your audience.

Once you’re accepted, do your best when writing the article, then use this published piece of work to contact bigger sites.

6. Start Pinning.

The second huge social media network I want to bring to your attention with this post is Pinterest, which is transforming the realm of mommy blogs.

Pinners are mostly female and the site itself is a search engine as powerful as Google. The best thing is that Pinterest users are ready to buy and you’re one viral Pin away from getting thousands of visitors to your blog.

Read about it, set up a business account, create beautiful pins for all your blog posts, and start sharing them. Then, join group boards and re-pin other moms’ content.

7. Create the ultimate guide.

Last but not least, I want to talk about the importance of creating solid guides on your blog that drive traffic thanks to how valuable they are. Both search engines and readers will love you if you create a piece better than anything already out there.

Choose a keyword using Google Keyword Planner Tool, make an outline, do a proper research to decide what to include, link to external resources to provide extra value, and write a blog post that’s longer than 2,000 words.

Give it a great title, add beautiful images, share it on social media, and link to it from almost any other piece on your site when relevant. This will be your cornerstone content that you’ll keep updated and will mention all the time. If done well, it can double your traffic and be the most visited page on your site.

So that’s how you grow your mommy blog and naturally form relationships with bloggers and readers ready to help each other. What other traffic sources do you know of that work well for moms who blog?

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