8 Big Marketing Trends That Will Dominate Digital World

The digital world seems to be a constant change and the standards that have worked and is valid before no longer have the same influence today than it does years ago. With new marketing schemes developing every day, it’s a challenge for marketers just to update with the modern up-coming social networks to stay forward of the arc of success.

Here are the most significant digital marketing trends:

1. App development and content for a prompt society: To increase traffic through digital marketing, good storytelling and producing an emotional reaction among your target audience will be very crucial, how this content is conveyed, though, is key.

2. Big data and real-time analytics: Traditionally, marketers observed data as something static and tangled to reporting. But data is now more dynamic, manageable, and largely understood.

3. Video and live streaming: Today’s advance audiences want immersive experiences that linked them to a particular product. Current technology has progressed to a point that small unmanned aerial systems (SUAS), both in terms of their relatively low prices and ease of flight control for new RC pilots like the DJI Phantom series seem almost ubiquitous now – they are everywhere.

4. Fast-loading websites and apps: These will leave all others in the queue. Although speed has always been a problem for users, with the invention of Instant Articles from Facebook and AMP from Google, this problem will be solved.

5. Personalization, Paid Search, and Landing Page Optimization: Nowadays, Paid Search is going to become very important, and companies who already use PPC will increase their expenses or create additional campaigns to overcome low organic results.

6. Content marketing: Aiming at quality content marketing is vital for businesses wanting to think out of the box. A good portion of content endorsed correctly, it may be in the form of native advertising, or by mean of social media, or email outreach, can attract the exact customers to you.

7. Social media: It has always been leading in digital marketing like Facebook, Instagram, twitter or so on.

8. Search engine optimization (SEO): It is essential to be conscious about algorithm updates which make a higher prominence on visual content rather than just keywords. Pictures, infographics, and video stay viewers on a page much longer than just plain text. SEO best tactics will continue to change as technology changes.

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  1. “I would personally be very interested if the major corporations across the world would like to invest into augmented and virtual reality. Not only could they distinguish themselves from the competition and standout, but this would also please the visitors, hence adding to the retention value as well


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