Benefits Of Proctored Test In E-learning

Structuring of a test is the mechanism of ensuring the authentication of the test conductor as well as the test taker. This helps in the prevention of cheating, as the pupils taking the test know that there is a proctor present in the room all through the test, monitoring every movement of the students. Previously, a proctor was known to be a qualified, experienced, and trained person, who is efficient enough to control the students from doing any sort of cheating.

Universities, bigger organizations and even schools and colleges are nowadays resorting to e-learning. E-learning is gradually becoming the future of learning and this has accounted for the increased amount of needs and the help offered by different supporting technologies. E-learning is the simplest way of implementing electronic technologies to gain admission into the educational curriculum outside a conventional classroom. The various courses, degrees and educational programs delivered absolutely over the internet refer to e-learning. A virtual proctoring is gaining prominence in such a domain. All the ideas of online video proctoring originated from the concept of e-learning programs. Needless to say there is a great demand of such online proctoring of the scholastic programs. Distance education, electronic learning, online learning, computerized electronic learning, internet learning etc. are just similar terms to describe the e-Learning procedure. E-learning as the term suggests are the learning courses which are entirely delivered online. This is to highlight the fact that learning does not remain enclosed within the concrete walls of a conventionally outlined classroom. These programs deliver knowledge anywhere, anytime other than the classroom situation, where professors come to teach.

But such a program should not be confused with the knowledge embedded in CDs or DVDs or television channels, or videotape recordings. E-Learning is a much broader concept and it has an interactive characteristic trait. Here you can face to face communicate with the ones delivering the knowledge, be it professors, teachers, organizational heads etc. Live e-learning sessions also give you the privilege of a real-time interaction where you can raise your hand electronically whenever you have a query. E-learning sometimes also delivers a pre-recorded lecture. So, if your organization is already into e-learning programs, you might definitely need online proctoring software that can communicate with the students and consumers and classify the participation, enthusiasm, assignments and tests. This will successfully take your organization to the next higher level and get you popular and stand out from the conventional methods of teaching.

If you are hesitant about going for online proctored exams for your business, and still prefer the classroom tests or the non-proctored online exams, then the amazing benefits of online proctoring might definitely astonish you. Objective tests had been the most common kind of online exam and it examines the incumbent’s knowledge and understanding of the subject, and also checks his ability to learn new things and assesses his behavioural profile. It is needless to say that offline proctored tests or online test without proctoring has a greater number of problems associated with them, than the proctored exams online or offline.

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