Cloud Computing And Benefits of Open Source Development

Did you realize that by 2020 nearly 85 percent of the enterprise solutions used by small businesses will be cloud-based? Over the years, more businesses have moved to the cloud due to the convenience and the security offered.

In recent years, companies have not only made a mad dash for the cloud, they have begun to embrace the power of open source software. With the help of open source programs like Linux, companies are able to get their work done without paying the price for customized software.

This push towards open source software began in earnest during the Great Recession of 2008. During this time, business owners were looking for ways to cut costs so they could weather the financial storm raging outside their doors. Business owners found that not only was open source software a great way to save money, it also provided a number of additional benefits.

Read below to find out more about the benefits that come with using open source software for your small business.

A Higher Degree of Security

It seems like every time you turn on the television there is a news story about a business being hacked. Over the years, business owners have become more and more concerned with the security features the software they use has. Luckily, open source software is very secure.

Since most of the elements of an open source program are available, third-party programmers are able to inspect things like kernel code. Just recently, a programmer found a problem with the kernel code of an Android operating system. As soon as this problem was found, it was fixed.

Using privatized software prohibits you from getting a look at the framework and source code being used. This lack of knowledge can expose you to a number of dangers down the road, which is why using open source code is a must.

Open Source Software Provides the Quality You Desire

For most business owners and developers, using open source software boils down to the quality of the programs at their disposal. Since users of open source software are able to have a hand in how it operates, they can fix any bugs or issues that are found. In a recent study, researchers found that the main reason companies use open source software is due to the technical superiority is has.

If you are tired of paying vast amounts of money for third-party software that never seems to measure up, then now is the time to make a switch to open source programs. While you will need to put a bit of research into finding the right open source programs, it will definitely be worth the effort.

The Customization Factor

Some business owners use open source software because it allows them to make all the customizations they need. Often times, developers and tech entrepreneurs will take a piece of open source code and tweak it to meet their needs. With the right amount of experience, a developer can take open source code and modify it to do just about anything they want.

When using a piece of third-party software that is not open source, you will be hard pressed to make any modifications. If a business owner doesn’t know how to modify an open source program to fit their needs, working with experienced developers and programmers is a must. Even if a business owner has to pay for this help, it will be worth it considering the results these professionals can provide.

Keeping Your Software Solutions Flexible

Trying to keep up with the maintenance needs of a third-party software program can be downright exhausting. Whether you are using Windows OS or its Office program, you will need to stay on top of updates to keep it working efficiently. Often times, the older hardware you have will have to be replaced in order for these types of programs to function properly.

Using an open source software program will allow you to avoid wasting resources, as well as keeping your older hardware in place without functionality issues. Rather than letting a vendor tell you to replace various hardware components, you can make this decision on your own with no pressure if you use open source software.

The Proof is in the Code

Relying on an outside vendor to keep various software programs secure and updated can turn into a disaster. When using a third-party piece of software, you basically have to take the vendor’s word when it comes to whether or not they are updating the code properly. With open source software, you are able to see the changes made in real-time because you can look at the source code of the program.

Getting this firsthand look at the changes being made to the code is extremely beneficial. Being able to verify the security updates will take a lot of stress and worry off of your plate.

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Businesses spend thousands of dollars each year on software that is both unreliable and unsecured. The last thing you want is to let a piece of unsecured software offer a gateway to hackers trying to infiltrate your network. The best way to avoid this type of issue is by utilizing the power of open source software. The time you spend modifying these programs will be well worth it considering how beneficial they can be.

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