Best Colocation Hosting India – Making Best Use Of IT Infrastructure Through Colocation Service

Colocation hosting service is on the increase in India with the rapid onset of industrial and commercial growth in this country. This economic growth in India has opened up avenues for better and stronger web hosting services, to provide hosting service to all business organisations, including the E Commerce organisations, in this country.

Colocation hosting has become a hosting option of choice for small and medium size business enterprises, in India. Colocation hosting service provides the features of a department of large scale Information Technology to these business organisations, minus the cost. The facilities enjoyed by large business corporations, such as having their own infrastructure of internet for hosting their own business web servers and maintaining a team of trained and skilled Information Technology personnel for designing and managing their web sites, are not available to small and medium business organisations. These organisations or individuals can avail the facilities provide by colocation hosting, in India.

About Colocation-

Colocation or colo is a facility of placing the server of the client in the rack of another party. Both these parties can share their bandwidth. The client can have both the options of setting her/his own server and install it in the premises of colocation provider, or she/he can rent a server machine from the provider of colocation hosting. The colocation hosting provider company provides an IP address, bandwidth and the power to the server of the client. Once the set up starts running, the client can easily access the server, exactly like accessing a web site on a provider for hosting service. The client owns the complete set of hardware in a colocation hosting service.

Benefits of a Colocation Hosting-

  • The cost of bandwidth remains less in colocation, allowing for greater savings for the client.
  • The colocation hosting service has better protection facilities in cases of man made or natural disasters.
  • The client has the full freedom and power to upgrade her/his server, at will, if the server is not performing as per her/his business requirements, since the client owns the machinery of server.
  • The client only remains the owner of the server software. So, there is no dependence of the client on the hosting service provider to install a certain software or tools, required for her/his business activities. The client simply purchases the software and installs it.
  • The client has the liberty of keeping her/his server up and running, if the client is on the move.
  • Additional amount of security is provided to the client’s server machine by the colocation hosting provider.
  • Colocation hosting providers offer for server management to the client, for a fee.

Best Colocation Hosting India-

There are a number of reputed and reliable colocation hosting provider companies in India, who are providing top level colocation hosting service to their clients, at a reasonable price. These companies offer best bandwidth and data access to their customers. These accesses are protected by high security measures. These providers also offer options of Windows or Linux operating systems hosting service. ComputeHost, the best leading Cloud hosting provider in India, is also a recommended the best colocation hosting provider in India.

Server Colocation India-

A server colocation is a facility of a data centre in which the client can either rent a space for her/his server and complete computing hardware or rent a server from the colocation provider only. A colo is a coexistence between the client and the provider in which the provider provides the housing infrastructure, supports for climate control with air conditioning, power to run the server and bandwidth, with physical security for the server and the hardware and the client provides the server and the requisite storage facility.

The colocation services are excellent in India. ComputeHost is the best performing hosting platform, providing best server colocation service to the users in India.

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