Complete Guide on How To Optimize Your Content and Keywords to Rank 1 on Google

Content is the backbone of SEO. It is the most crucial factor which Google Algorithm takes in its consideration.

So the Question is, how to Optimize for the same?

It will be a layman approach if we just start to write as much as content possible.

We must have a very structured approach towards the same.

So, here is a step by step approach for Keywords Analysis:-

1. First, write down all the ideas aka Keywords you can think people might type on Google, if they are looking for the product like yours.

2. Then put each keyword into Ubersuggest Tool or Keywords Everywhere Google Chrome Extension to find other similar keywords.

3. These keywords will also tell you Search Volume, CPC and difficulty level. Search Volume gives you how many times people search for that keyword, while difficulty level will show how difficult is to rank for that keyword on the scale from 0 to 1, with 1 being most difficult.

4. Select at most 50 keywords from the list you have. The Criteria of Selection must be those Keywords getting high Search Volume and difficulty level less than 0.8.

5. Once you have your 50 Keywords(or less), think of what else words people can use with your keywords.

For e.g. if your keyword is “Diabetes”

It’s other words combination can Be:- “Causes of Diabetes”, “How to cure Diabetes” etc..

Make an Excel file and put such 3-4 combination in adjacent to your Main Keyword(which in this case is Diabetes).

This will help you in targeting more broad range of topics related to your main keywords. So while designing Content, make sure to write about such Long Search Keywords.

6. For every Main keyword(which is 50 in this case), built a separate landing page.

7. To know your competitors or those websites which are ranking in top 3 as of now, for the keyword you wish to target, use the tool Keyword Position Checker from It is a Free Tool.

With Keyword Competitive Analysis, you will get to know what all sites are ranking right now, You can also see what Title or Meat Description or what URL Syntax or Content they have put on, so you get an idea what you can put on your site.

Your Final aim should be to rank within top 3 for all your keywords.

But that won’t happen in one go.

You should first optimize our performance for those keywords which are getting higher search volume and has lower difficulty rate and then slowly move the ladder.

One other important thing, is Google updates website ranking after every 3 months. So you have to be patient. You are not going to see immediate update anywhere.

How To Write Content / Blogs

Well You know that you have to write some form of content or Blogs.

For the same, I will like mention Few Growth Hacks which you can employ from Time to Time along with your Regular Content Building Strategies.

1. So, before you go out and write that Awesome Content, there is a little Growth Hack which I want to share it with you:-


Let’s suppose you are a “Fitness Centered” Website. You decided to come up with a blog having title “How to Cure Diabetes at Home?”

So you type the above title in Google Search and see what all websites are ranking on top 5 positions and what content they have written

Website on Position 1 discussed points: A, C, D, E, F
Website on Position 2 discussed points: A, B, F
Website on Position 3 discussed points: C, D, F
Website on Position 4 discussed points: A, E, F
Website on Position 5 discussed points:- C, D, E

Once you finish this exercise, you would have a comprehensive list of every point discussed (A–F).

In the example above, note “point F” is discussed in all four pieces of content. One would consider this a cornerstone topic that should be prioritized.

Now if you writes a piece of content that covers each of the points (A-F) discussed by above competitor on page one, and emphasized the cornerstone topics appropriately, in theory, you would have the most comprehensive piece of content on that particular topic with a Good Depth.

And believe me, Google Loves Depth.

As long as your Article(Provided it is relevant), It help visitors to see a more detailed solution for their problem, which again increases their Time on Site, which is the no. 1 parameter Google takes while ranking websites.

Also think from this point of view, if your article is providing more information, people don’t stay at those websites which is providing them limited Solution.

By producing the most comprehensive piece of content available, we will have the highest quality result that will best satisfy the searcher’s intent.

2. Also you can come up with a blog comparing Your Website with your Competitor one, telling all the pros and cons. One good advantage of such content is that you might get attention from the users of your Competitor.

3. Influencer Targeted Content

In every Industry there are certain Influencers.

Influencers are those people who have large followings and the good subject knowledge of the Particular Industry.

So you need to find out all such Influencers in your Industry and write content about them.

The Content may be in the form of their History or their Lifestyle or may be the narrative of your recent Interview with them. (Yes try to interview these peoples. It creates lots of Buzz)

You can share the content with that Influencer first, in the hope that he/she will share the same with his/her followings (It is called Ego Baiting).

This will generate a good buzz about your company especially among those people who already keep interest in your industry.

4. Whenever writing content, if possible mention the year in the headline. For e.g. “Top 10 ways to cure Diabetes in 2018”. Various studies have been done and it shows that the Google favours such type of contents.

5. When writing a Blog post around some problem, use APP method to write content.

First up, you write a paragraph the reader will agree with. Usually this will be outlining a problem they’re having if they’re reading your article.

Then, you make a promise. You say how you’ve used these same tactics to blast your conversion rate up by a million percent, and how it totally works.

Then, you give them a preview. This sentence will start with ‘In this article…’

6. Always have content on your website in the form of blogs / guide for every step in buyer journey.

7. Do you want to find out most shared and read “Topics” in your Industry in last one year?

Well there is a tool for it, called BUZZSUMO.

According, to your keyword, it will give you all the articles shared most over Social Media Platforms.

With this you can have Content Ideas, you will know what kind of Topics people like to Read and Share.

8. Landing Page Optimization:-

Last but definitely not the least. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of Landing Pages.

By following the tips/strategies mentioned above we might be able to rank high and might entice the user to click on our search result. But if we have a poorly optimized Landing page, the user just need to click the “Back Button” and all of our above efforts go in vain.

Here are some strategies to have highly convertible landing pages:-

a) Please make sure that the headline in our Ad/Search Result must exactly be the same as that of Landing Page. By showing something in Search results and delivering something else will only increase the bounce rate.

b) One Landing Page should focus on One topic only. If the user has searched “Diabetes Cure” on Google, show him only Diabetes Cure and hide your every other offering. One Landing page should serve one purpose only and we must not attract/deviate users to some other products.

c) CTAs are very important. Make sure that they are in different Contrast then the Overall theme of the website. If possible try to add an arrow or a human face towards our CTA. Such Optimizations have reported a very high conversion rate.

d) The best recommendation would be to use Free Landing Page Tools, as they already take care of all these things., one which I am aware is a free landing page builder and also have a WordPress Plugins.

I really hope you find this guide Informative.

Guest article written by: Kartik Mundhra. Digital Marketing Professional, with expertise in SEO, SMO and PPC. For any sort of Project or Consultation, connect with me here at [email protected]. Connect with me via LinkedIN.

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