The Cream of 2018’s Cycling Tech

As traffic evolves, more and more people tend to leave their car back home and take bikes when commuting. No matter if you’re a pro cyclist, a commuter or just a regular rider, you want your bike time to be as safe, comfortable and smooth as possible; the pieces of bike tech that follow will allow you achieve exactly that.

Smart helmet

Regardless of whether you’re doing your daily cardio, extreme biking, or commuting, wearing a helmet goes without saying! Instead of using a typical one, why not opt for the tech superiority of a smart helmet? These cycling tech innovations from Lumos feature integrated turn and brake signals, making you visible and that much safer on the road, particularly at night. The smart helmets are controlled via a handlebar-placed wireless remote and feature a variety of different LED lights on the front and on the back.

Bike lighting

Sure, you probably have a white light in the front and a red one in the back of your bike, but there is always more safety to look for. The modern bike lighting systems are equipped with smart bake lights that flash when slowing down and with 360-degree visibility. These pieces of technology are powered by USB-rechargeable batteries.

Linka smart lock

Not only does this smart lock physically protect your bike by locking it down, but it also sends push notifications to your smartphone in case of hacking attempts. In fact, this smart device emits a deafening 100 dB alarm in case of hacking, plus it comes equipped with a geolocator! Pretty amazing for a small device.

Connected smart pedal

Although the Connected Pedal looks simple, it’s actually an awesome piece of technology! As soon as it starts to rotate, sensors are activated and it starts recording your route. It measures speed, inclines and declines, feeding the information to the rider through an accompanying app. Here’s the best part: there is no need for charging, as all the power is generated via pedaling.

Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket

This awesome piece of clothing, made by Levi’s in collaboration with Google might look like your typical, cool trucker jacket, but it actually hides some high-tech gadgetry beneath its denim surface. Yep, you guessed it, it does pair with your smartphone! What does it do? It allows you to get directions, control your music, receive messages and send calls to voicemail by tapping/swiping on the left sleeve.

Moskito smartwatch

This cool analog smartwatch was actually designed particularly for cycling. It is essentially a bike computer that indicates the time you’ve been riding, the distance you’ve covered and your current speed. Although its sleek looks make it look like a classic chronograph wristwatch, the Moskito is a quite advanced piece of technology.

Cycliq FLY12 CE camera

Although the general idea behind this awesome portable camera is capturing video evidence of encounters on the road, the Cycliq FLY12 CE provides lovely, clear, HD footage! This is a stabilized, wide-angle, 10-mode, 600-lumen, 1080p camera. The battery lasts around 8 hours, making this bicycle camera more than convenient for both long rides and several days of short commutes. As the cyclists are the least protected road users, this is an awesome way to mitigate it.

Ninja pump

Every experienced cyclist knows how important packing a pump is on longer hauls. When it comes to short commutes, however, these aren’t really convenient. Nevertheless, having your bike rendered unable to move is always a pain in the neck, no matter how short a trip it is. Well, Topeak’s extra-light Ninja pump is designed to be concealed inside your seatpost. This makes it quick and easy to access!

Shimano XT SM-RT86 Ice-Tech 6 Bolt Disk Brake Rotor

Behind quite the tongue-twister of a name lies the pinnacle of Shimano braking technology – the pillar of the tech approach to high-performance braking. It owes its namesake to the fact that it works by reducing operating temperature. The Ice-Tech’s aluminum core is placed between two stainless steel outer layers, and thanks to the aluminum’s properties that allow the heat to dissipate quickly, these brake rotors allow the rider to brake efficiently and with reduced noise.

Juboury’s Hydration Backpack

Convenient storage compartments and a 2-liter water bladder are the only features that this backpack from Juboury has to offer, and they are more than sufficient. It comes with a bite valve, meaning that you no longer have to get your hands off the handle in order to hydrate.

Bike Trolley

If you can’t fit all of your items inside your backpack, the Bike Trolley is here to help. This one-wheeled convertible bike trailer is 100% waterproof, durable, very much portable and able to support as much as 40kg.

All of these diverse pieces of cycling tech are going to be immensely popular in 2018 and beyond. Everything on this list is there to make your riding experience safer, more convenient and more fun.

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