How digital marketing is necessary for your startup

It’s a significant achievement in this day and age where the global business industry is exceptionally tightly packed to be able to launch your startup. Not only you dreamt big, but also planned and strategized things along the way. It takes sincere efforts and dedication, and you pulled it off! A pat on the back for you.

You have yet to go stronger to grow stronger!

In today’s fast-paced world where everything has taken the digital route, the ways of effectively marketing your startup have also changed drastically. Globalization has made this world a smaller place, and while traditional marketing methods are useful, they fail if you are looking for a more extensive reach. They’re helpful for providing you local customer and connections, but you don’t want just that, right?

Enter Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing has proven to be more than just a powerful tool over the last decade. The world has seen tremendous growth regarding the usage of mobile and Internet-connected devices. Combine that with a round-the-clock easy and relatively cheaper accessibility of the internet, and you’ll see the need for digital marketing.

Digital Marketing, in straightforward language, refers to reaching out to your customers even in the farthest corners of the world using digital mediums like social media, emails, search engine marketing, and others. Today, every organization, however big or small, is looking to capitalize on Digital Marketing strategies to promote their brands. It is a potent tool and can help you build a substantial online presence, and positively impact your bottom line. Everything you do towards building your online/digital presence counts towards your brand getting known. This will increase your reach, and eventually, your revenues.

Unlike traditional methods of marketing which required you to shell out a considerable sum of money to promote your brand, digital marketing can be initiated without you spending a penny. Because of this reason, it makes more sense for startups first to build an online presence, and then venture into the offline world – if need be.

The digital media scene is perfect for startups looking to validate, collaborate, or promote their products and services. Like traditional marketing, digital marketing, too, comes in a variety of flavors:

Email Marketing: This is as simple as it sounds. An extremely cost-effective, customizable, and measurable tool, email marketing allows you to communicate with any number of people. Organizations have used digital marketing to build credibility, inform the masses about your products and services, improve communication, and eventually boost sales.

Social Media Marketing: Over the years, organizations have started using Social Media as their voice. There are numerous social media platforms present, like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and you should pick one depending on your business requirements. Not only does this help an organization seamlessly communicate with existing customers, but it also helps find new customers.

PPC Marketing (Pay-per-click): Startups who are wanting to stay lean or are in a very nascent/unfunded stage having a limited budget often look for ways to make every penny count, especially when it comes to marketing and advertising. PPC is handy if done right. Marketers need to learn to work with PPC budgets to get the highest ROIs.

Search Engine Optimization: SEO provides long-term benefits, but unlike the other methods, it might demand a little technical bent of mind. It is responsible for increasing the visibility of your brand, and thereby ensuring that more organic traffic reaches you. Bringing you up in the search results is a way SEO builds credibility in front of your potential customers. Ways of achieving this include ensuring optimization and responsiveness of your website, thoroughly check all the pages for broken links, use appropriate heads/descriptions, and create excellent non-plagiarized content. Get users to talk about your site.

Content Marketing: They say that content is king, and for you to take your startup a long way, you need to how to crown that king. It plays a crucial role in making any startup huge. Content marketing aims to convey your brand voice interestingly. Content marketing is known to generate a lot of traffic and leads. The trick is to publish relevant content and be regular at it.

If you look into the growth of successful startups, you’ll come across a digital marketing strategy composed of a few (or many) of the techniques mentioned above. While startups like HubSpot and Mint thrive on Content Marketing, there are others like Wendy’s who’re taking social media marketing to an altogether new level. In the end, it all boils down to your requirements and goals.

Let’s look some reasons how Digital Marketing is your ticket to the top:

  • Allows you to gauge the online marketplace: A clear digital marketing strategy will give you insights into things like consumer behavior, competition analysis, and even the words being said about your organization.
  • Develop a value proposition: Your marketing strategy will be your startup’s voice. Building a good roadmap is similar to making your voice be heard and developing a value proposition for your organization.
  • Saves time and money: A successful digital marketing strategy requires very little time and money as compared to the traditional methods of marketing. And in that respect, it provides much more than just value for money.

So, just to summarize, a well-planned approach can help your startup:

  • Enhance brand visibility
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Offer better and transparent interaction with customers
  • Gather more customers
  • Build the overall brand name and credibility.

However, you need to be aware and up to date on the latest tools, techniques, and practices used for a successful digital marketing plan. There are many online digital marketing certifications and courses that can help you with exactly that. So, if you’re a budding entrepreneur looking to get your voice heard, Digital Marketing is the way to go!

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