The Drastic change of e-commerce in Saudi Arabia 2018

Booming Ecommerce in Saudi:

The inclination of shoppers towards online shopping in Saudi Arabia has adversely effected the growth of ecommerce portals in a positive manner. The Ecommerce users in Saudi Arabia have grown to 12.94 million currently and are expected to double the figures by 2022. At the same time the sheer advantages of online shopping has been attracting more users from time to time. As a result the online portals have also popped out in huge numbers across different categories like fashion, travel, beauty, health, electronics and more.

Rising Insights:

The Revenue of ecommerce is already sounding USD 8,717 million which is much to double and touch $22 billion by 2020. The user penetration is set to hit 64.4% by the end of 2018 and is expected to rise towards 67.6% in 2022. The average revenue per users presently amounts to USD 603.64. This gives a clear picture of how it could be the biggest market of ecommerce very soon. It has already been pulling in investments and investors all over the globe which resulted in great portals such as Souq, Noon, AliExpress, Cobone, Markavip and many others.

Focused Challenges to Ecommerce Buddies:

In the recent report of World Bank annual ratings, Saudi Arabia has been ranked 92 among 190 economies in the ease of doing business which was 94 in 2016, which hints on encouragement of registering businesses. The other challenges mainly involved are logistics, payments and customer support. The user is comforted to receive product at the doorsteps which makes the logistics part playing vital role. So the major challenge may be in delivery desperately as quick as possible.

The other one is safe and secured payments on the portal where the entire information is protected. Apart from safe payments it also depends on provision of multiple options of payment. Users are mostly comforted to cash on delivery which brings in more trust so adopting every method has also brought online shoppers in better position to shop online. Next comes, customer support which includes timely responses to user queries resolving them as soon as possible.

The anticipation of great opportunity lying ahead paved a remarkable way for competitors to enter the market. So it is very important as well to make sure that you’re the best in the specific niche you are running. Users are more leaned towards discounts to save online. So this has been great point to move online to shop your products. Suppose you are looking to travel soon and looking to book ticket at cheaper price then you may visit tajawal coupons with which you can really save huge.

Crucial Key Points for Coming Good Days:

With the ongoing rise of expectations from users of different segments of the society, working closely in alignment of consumer behavior is very much needed. This can be greatly grasped through the data interpretation and adopting the latest technologies. As the 70% of orders are placed using mobile phones it is well dependent on how your site accustoms to the ascending mobile user demands. Likely the Saudi Arabia is going to be the largest place for ecommerce industry.

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