Will Drones Be The Future of CCTV?

With the increasing popularity of drones in the recent times, many are wondering if they are already used not only as toys.

Apparently, the innovations and advancements done on drones today are quite promising – from simply being a toy for many enthusiasts to becoming a more useful tool in several industries nowadays. In fact, agriculture, industrial deliveries, and technical mapping are the three main sectors where drones are seen to be largely applied. And it’s no wonder why the mass is asking if drones will be taking over other industries in the near future, specifically, the home security industry.

Utilization of Drones

Drones are initially used for entertainment purposes. Although there are speculations that drones are utilized by many government agencies for their respective activities, there is no absolute response from the government. However, as the years pass by, it is seen that drones are becoming more innovative allowing more functions to be experienced and executed.

So, camera drones are no longer a thing for entertainment alone. They pretty much help other sectors and industries of the society.

For enthusiasts, this is a big step towards advancements. The inclusion of cameras, longer flight ranges, and flight times are great additions since enthusiasts and drone lovers can benefit from it, especially for drone racers and travelers.

For people in other selected industries, such as photographers and videographers, take these innovative features as great benefits for their careers. And the same goes for other industries who use drones for their respective businesses like show business and filming industry.

As for other concerned citizens, these innovative solutions are considered to cause either praises or worries. Praises because others may use it for their respective day-to-day conveniences and worries that some might use drones for their own benefits and take advantage of others. For instance, surveillance.

Surveillance Cameras

In the recent times, surveillance cameras are also becoming more in demand due to its progressing benefits and conveniences. Homeowners and business owners can attest to these since CCTV cameras and home security systems largely target these specific people on the market.

Cameras are becoming smaller, lighter, and more efficient. In fact, CCTVs are already considered as one of the IOT gadgets of today since most of the variations can now be connected to the world of internet. Homeowners and actual users can monitor their subjected properties even when they are not around. In addition, some IP cameras have their own dedicated applications which can provide notifications and alerts to the users.

And because of these features that these cameras are incorporated into drones.

Although there is much work yet to do before drones can be the ultimate surveillance system of a property, there are already debates circulating around that some of the world’s government agencies are using drones as surveillance tools. In the recent events, the director of FBI has been subjected to reports and interviews when it comes to using camera drones in the US soil.

Although the public reports and data show that there are only minimal usage and activities with using these drones for surveillance, it is pretty much given that camera drones are already utilized for surveillance especially on monitoring state borders and immigration spots.

Apparently, there’s no denying to the possibility that drones can be the ultimate future of surveillance cameras and CCTVs.

Drones as The Future CCTVs

Airborne home security cameras are already far from being a fiction. In fact, Japan has reported that unmanned crafts with surveillance cameras are already used as a part of their national security. They were the first country to officially execute this kind of event. And it’s not impossible for other countries to follow as well.

But while homeowners and business owners are yet to embrace the idea, almost 90% of the population are already using fixed CCTV cameras on a daily basis. The benefits of using such security system are found to be effective for every owner and user. So, if drones are further improved and found to be much fitting to any security system, there is no doubt that fixed CCTV users will turn their preferences to airborne security cameras.

The point is, drones can be the future of CCTV cameras and home security systems. There are already feasibility studies and research done to prove the point. And it is only a matter of time when the security industry offers these kinds of products.

Although very plausible, there are, however, a lot of issues and concerns that could rise once CCTV drones are widely offered to the public. These concerns may fall under the surveillance policies and laws of a state, region, or country. Accordingly, it could be a long way before everyone could settle.

Nevertheless, once the product has been perfected and the laws or regulations have been straightened out, that’s the time when camera drones can be used as a CCTV.

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