Here Are the Exciting Features of DJI Inspire 2!

Drones were initially used to protect the nation, and were strictly used for national service only. Who knew a day would come when drones would take footage for films and weddings and also monitor agricultural work! In today’s date, the innovators come up with mind-blowing ideas that make each and every work mechanized. It can be said without a doubt that machines are replacing humans. A 100 years back, almost every work was carried out by human labour, now human capital is being quickly replaced by machineries.

The most amazing thing about drones now is that they are being used to monitor the field works in agriculture that were previously carried out by human labourers. Wonders can be done by drones in Agriculture in Australia. Rise Above strive to offer you the highest quality drones and DJIs all over Australia and also provide the best quality customer service. They are also the largest distributors of DJIs and drones and they strive to give wings to the creators to make their ideas come to life.

Various features of DJI Inspire

Drones work like wonder in various industries so why leave out agriculture? Innovators thought making agricultural drones will make the work in fields all the more easy and monitoring each and every part of the farm won’t be a challenge anymore. DJI Inspire 2 drone works like magic and is extremely popular in the agricultural industry. These drones help in closely monitoring which part of the fields needs more water and which part needs fertilizer. Pest infestation can also be found out easily with agricultural drones. Here are the basic features of DJI Inspire 2:

  • Efficient workflow: Now, the DJI Inspire 2 can record videos in Apple ProRes, CinemaDNG and other common and popular formats for film-making. It is also compatible with the new FAT32/exFAT file systems that rapidly copies files from CINESSD without the help of any additional software system. So this make the working of this drones more efficient.
  • Sense and avoid: The downward and forward vision system of DJI Inspire 2 enables it to detect and identify hurdles up to a 30 meter range ahead. This allows the drone to have a safe flight away from all obstacles up to a speed of 54 kilometre/hour at an altitude angle of 25 degrees. The infrared sensors that are facing upwards can detect obstacles from 5 meter above. This feature is helpful when flying it in an enclosed space. The obstacle detecting systems are active during intelligent flight modes, RTH and normal flight mode. These sensors in DJI Inspire 2 are an integral component of DJI Flight Autonomy System and are extremely useful for keeping the drone safe and sound.
  • Smart return home: The downward and the forward vision system of DJI Inspire 2 allow it to form a real-time map of its route of flight. Sometimes, there can be problems with signals. In such cases, there is no need to panic. If the smart return home is activated it will be able to fly back home or to the exact spot from where it began its journey. It will follow the exact path to come back to the starting point. However, once the signal is regained, it will change its flight route to a straight line. The primary camera allows it to sense obstacles even when it is 200 meters far apart. This in turn allows the DJI inspire 2 to plan a safe and obstacle free route back home.

These are the few basic and smart features of DJI Inspire 2. The workload in agricultural fields can be reduced to half with the introduction of these drones. They also help in increasing the productivity and agricultural output in the long run.

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