5 Best Features on Today’s Smartphones

It’s amazing what people can do with their phones. They help you plan your day, keep in touch with your friends, and work on projects and deadlines. The latest smartphones come with the ability to use your phone underwater and charge the battery quickly. You’ll enjoy your smartphone more when you use it with Optimum and their enhanced features. Here are the best smartphone features that are only going to get better.

Lossless Camera Zooming

The iPhone 7 Plus was the first phone to use a “zoom” lens that provides a “lossless” zoom without adding extra software to your phone. There have been failed experiments with the zoom lens in the mid-2000s, but Apple made it work. They merged a classic camera with smart software to get the desired results. Users may want a larger phone, but that doesn’t mean they want a bulkier phone.

There will be new developments that will make the iPhone 7 Plus’s lossless camera zooming look old-fashioned. Having the ability to use a camera zoom is a shift in the right direction. Everybody knows that adding a digital zoom adds nothing to a smartphone.

Dash Charging

Users want more out of their high-end phones, including faster charging. OnePlus 5’s dash charger has taken a new approach to conventional charging. The dash charger keeps your phone’s voltage at 5V but doubles it to four amps. With an older smartphone, users have to choose between the standard 5V or 1/2 amps.

Dash charging keeps your battery temperature lower even though you still have to rely on a cable to charge your phone. Galaxy S8’s Qualcomm QuickCharge has a 3-based plug that gives you a 50% charge within 30 minutes flat. You may not get the long battery life you want, but your batteries won’t take a day to charge either.

Laptop-Grade Storage

Smartphones are quickly becoming mini tablets. They’re almost as powerful as laptops with the storage and power they contain. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus can store up to 256GB storage. It’s the same amount that you would get from a portable laptop.

Since so many people use their smartphones to stream music or television shows, it can provide a real benefit if you download a lot of apps. You can even download photos or songs for offline listening. Where more laptops require SSD for this kind of storage, phones use chips smaller than a memory card. These mighty little chips fit more storage thanks to companies like SanDisk and Samsung.

Invisible Water Resistant Glass

It’s taking forever for water resistant glass to hit smartphones. Users have been extremely cautious about dropping their phone in the water. Water resistant smartphones look just like regular smartphones except that their headphone jacks and ports keep liquid out.

The LG G6, for example, can be submerged up to 1.5m of water for 30 minutes without getting any liquid in. Most water-resistant smartphones could only take up to 1m of water. The technology for water-resistant smartphones is still behind, but it should improve with time. Smartphones are now able to withstand pressure whether you’re swimming or showering.

Slo-Mo Video

Slo-mo, or slowed-down footage, adds drama to your videos. It’s similar to The Slo Mo Guys YouTube Channel. Their slo-mo videos show them doing unusual stunts with physics. They use camera equipment that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, but you don’t have to.

You can have slo-mo footage on your smartphone with the Sony Xperia XZ Premium. This smartphone shoots video at 960FPS and captures 40 times more frames per second than a traditional smartphone. You’ll want to capture footage, such as water flowing in a fountain or waves crashing along the beach. This feature is likely going to be added to more smartphones in the future.

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