Face Scanners Spell End for Reception Desk at High-Tech Office Building

When entering a business establishment, such as a hotel or restaurant, one of the things that make guests feel welcome is a reception desk. At work, we usually need to present ID cards to gain access to the building. The days of manual reception of guests and employees are almost over with the advent of face scanners. Using this technological advancement, the host or receptionist can direct the visitors entering the building without requiring them to sign in.

We present to you an automated way of receiving people through facial recognition. The software aims to make the visitors feel welcome and appreciated. We all value our time and face scanners installed in a vicinity can help decrease the amount of time spent waiting for the receptionist. The facial recognition technology is designed to create a hassle-free experience the moment each guest steps into the establishment.

Transforming the Way You Receive Your Guests

Face scanners can vary depending on the technology they use and the purpose they serve. However, the hardware is typically made up of discreet cameras that can intelligently scan the faces of every guest or employee. The faces have to be pre-registered so the cameras can notify the host regarding who has entered the building.

For years, your business has asked for IDs from your workers or guests. You use the IDs to determine who can enter the facilities or which service they require. Today, with a face scanner installed in your office, you can use this technology to recognize who can securely access the building without needing their identification cards.

Face scanners provide innovative services where facial characteristics can easily be acquired through digital cameras. At the same time, customers find the technology handy because it is non-obtrusive and non-invasive. The system has a camera that captures images, which will then be processed to figure out if a person is allowed to access a specific area.

Detection techniques, particularly for the eyes and the entire face, are exploited to extract the whole facial region. Different methods are used for automatically recognizing the faces. One of the most popular is through a regularized linear discriminant analysis or R-LDA. With this algorithm, the systems can process image data for classification and even for dimensionality reduction since R-LDA is useful for high dimensional spaces.

A busy reception desk is often a mismatch with the luxurious corporate office lobby. For years, many companies have stayed faithful to their traditional register book that visitors use to sign in. These days, every single thing matters, including how you receive your guests. You cannot spend a fortune transforming your lobby while forgetting the shoddy visitor register that all your guests can see.

We are in a technological age where your competitors are embracing technology. It is time for you to enhance the experience of your visitors using facial recognition to provide them the service that they seek.

Uses of Face Scanners

Our face scanners are efficient for offices, hotels, and other businesses. With such technology, you can identify people in the lobby straightway. Our scanners provide you with top-notch security and convenience since the guests do not have to wait for a receptionist to pay attention to them. On your end, visitors are pre-registered so they can enter the building without the usual check-in process. It is speedy and hassle-free while all the processes run in the background. This way, the visitors do not need a smartphone, tablet, or wearable for the system to detect and identify them.

You can also use facial recognition to optimize occupancy or space. For instance, your establishment has motion sensors installed in all the rooms. A piece of hardware, such as a smartphone, can be your personal assistant that will serve as the guide within the building. For instance, the system can be used to direct visitors to a specific meeting room. The hosts can get a notification a few moments before the visitors arrive. This way, they will have enough time to welcome the guest upon arrival.

Benefits of Facial Recognition Technology for Your Business

No matter what industry your business belongs to, you know the competition is getting serious each day. It is highly essential that your enterprise premises stay secure. The good old method where you hire a security team still works, but the modern ways demand you to invest in reliable security technology.

Our face detection systems can complement your existing practices. You not only save money, but you also improve the company’s security level. Facial recognition technology has only one purpose in which it identifies the faces of humans. Eye scanners and fingerprint readers had already existed long before face recognition systems became mainstream. However, the current face scanners do more than the mentioned technologies.

With our scanners, it becomes easier to analyze the facial characteristics of a person through the images taken using a digital camera. This method is less intrusive than fingerprint readers and the like. Plus, it does not cause any delay and leaves the subject unaware of the entire process.

If you’re still not convinced, here are more advantages of using face scanners for your business:

Improved Security: The technology can help you track your employees and visitors, providing the premises with enhanced protection. The system will quickly capture anyone who is not allowed to enter, and you will instantly be alerted regarding the trespassing.

Easy Integration: If you have existing security software, our facial recognition tools can easily be integrated into your current program. They work flawlessly and can interact with your computer system without any problems. Therefore, you save tons of money and time since you do not have to redevelop your present software just to make it suitable for our face scanners.

High Accuracy: 3D facial recognition allows high success levels of tracking faces. Infrared cameras also facilitate the process of identifying humans, so you get great results all the time.

Instead of the manual method of reception, facial recognition technology will automate the procedure. Our systems ensure flawless identification of visitors or employees, giving you convenience, efficiency, and reduced expenses for your company’s security.

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