Features You Can Always Expect From Number One Keyword Tool

The market houses multiple keyword tools with the one from Google holding the number one position. Now, there are some promising reasons available to why Keyword Tool proves to be the best alternative to Google keyword research planner and other research tools in the market. This tool has its own free version, which can easily generate around 750+ long tail keywords for every search. Unlike any other keyword planner tools, this one is reliable with 99.9% uptime. Moreover, you can use this keyword tool without even creating any account.

Importance of keyword searching tools:

Whether you are a content creator or online marketer, you want majority of people to come visit your website. You want them to read your content and purchase your product or service. The easiest way to do that is by finding out what potential readers or customers are searching for in search engines. After that, you can create your website content accordingly.

Every search made is a part of people’s needs, interest, wants and desires. Your business will receive a boost if you can analyze search trends and find terms, which are relevant to your domain and customize content accordingly. It helps you to serve customer’s actual needs.

Keyword tool and other keyword inspector.com/ will help business owners discover multiple latest long-tail keywords related to any topic, by generating search suggestions automatically. These suggestions are primarily produced based on Google’s domain and language you select.

How the tool works and its features:

The free online keyword tool uses Google Autocomplete for generating thousands of authentic and relevant long-tail keywords on any topic provided. Now, Google Autocomplete is a feature solely from Google Search. The primary goal of the tool is enrich the speed of searches performed by Google users.

  • The terms suggested by Google Autocomplete are will be based on multiple factors. One is how often users are searching for particular search term in past.
  • The number one keyword search tool helps in employing Google Suggest for researching keywords. This tool is designed to procure Google keyword suggestions and provides same result to people for easy understanding interface.
  • For generating long tail keywords, the tool prepends and then appends search term for specifying different numbers and letters. After that, the tool places it into Google search box and works on keyword suggestions.
  • All these services are going to take place within a span of few seconds. Using this tool can help choose specified Google domain out of 192 supported ones available. It is one out of 83 languages that you can use for producing keyword suggestions.


The advanced version available:

There is an advanced version of Keyword Tool, known as Keyword Tool Pro. It offers average two times more keywords, when compared to the free version. To top it all, there are some other useful features available in the lot. It won’t be long when you can find and analyze thousands of relevant long tail keywords with paid or free version of Keyword Tool. You can use those for creating content, SEO, PPC ads and other marketing activities.

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