No Technical Knowledge Necessary: 3 Ways How You Can Create Professionally-Looking Gif Images

A picture is worth a thousand words. And if you want to take your business to the next level, then consider using GIFs to advertise your products instead of explaining everything through normal wording. GIFs have proven to have the potential of going viral within a very short period. Perhaps every management targeting more potential customers employ this technology to pass their message on social media platforms. The question is, is it a must to be having technical skills to create a professionally-looking GIF image? Absolutely not. Here are 3 simple but efficient ways to guide you on how to create one.

Look for a screen-recording software

You need to have picked a video with the moments that you want to apply a situation or use to pass a message. There are several packages that you can get access to when creating a professionally-looking GIF for your business. You need to look for an efficient screen capture tool with an interface that can capture and record a region of your screen. The tool should be able to support GIF. This is where you’ll obtain the GIF images from. The tools could be cloud-based or open source, but in most of them, you’ll have to first download and install the containing packages (mostly in form of Apps) before accessing the tool. Which is a very simple and, perhaps fast process. For instance, you can visit for more information about one of the common Apps.

Select and record your on-screen activity

After ensuring the software is up and running, you need to use the features of the tool to pull the mask off the area you are interested in. This will capture the section of interest on the screen and it will start recording. And how will you know that the area of interest is within the overlay? Well, you’ll see an outline of the recording overlay, normally in red. Now, depending on the specifications you want the image to have, you can either enlarge or minimize the selected area by clicking and dragging the bottom-right corner of your outline. This is normally outlined in yellow. Also, pay close attention to the timestamps in your GIF. When you’ve accomplished all this, you need to save and download the recorded image, ready for the next step.

Resizing and editing

Where do you intend to upload your GIF? Not every site will allow GIFs of any size. Most sites, actually have limits of the file size that you can upload. Take twitter, for instance, the maximum file size acceptable is 3 MB. Other sites prefer 2 MB or even less. So, to be safe and, perhaps, create a professional like image, stick to the common size, which is about 2 MB. The size may seem small but you can really do a lot with this size. Most of the utilities have editing features where you can resize your image, say, by cropping or reducing the number of colors. And since you GIF won’t be having any sounds, you may decide to add texts with direction or meaning. You need to add something that will be engaging to the audience and pass the intended message. Also, set the speed you prefer for your GIF.


And just like that, you will have created a professionally-looking GIF image without having to be an expert in Photoshop and other related packages. You may now upload the image to the site of your choice. Or send it to the people you intended to. Congratulations for making one yourself. How about you make some more? Good luck with that.

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    Glad to read this post. An image speaks louder than plain texts. Today, visual content has become very crucial for internet marketers and it helps in promoting their products and services. Including more visual content helps them in grabbing their user attention quickly. The images makes thing easy to understand and it adds life to your blog post.

    Here, you have provided some effective tips on how to create and use GIF in blog posts. All these tips are worthy to know and have necessary information about GIF images to be included in the website.

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