Improve your corporate events with the selfie frame

Corporate events and staff parties are essential to keeping up staff morale and advertising your brand to the world. However, making sure that every event is better than the next is sometimes difficult.

Of course, you want your staff to enjoy themselves and to promote your company in a positive manner, but what can you do to liven up a corporate gathering and show off your team’s good work? A potential solution is the selfie frame — an essential party piece that seems to be present at a huge range of events and parties! Here, we’ll discuss why they’re popular and how can they benefit your next work party!

Spreading your brand on social media

Are you organising this event to promote your brand, attract new staff or shout about a recent company success? If so, the customised selfie frame is ideal! Plus, there’s something about selfie frame images that people really engage with — great news if you want to get your logo or corporate event on social media to spread awareness!

After taking hundreds of selfie frame images over the course of the event, chances are, your staff will be much more inclined to start firing these around Facebook and Instagram! Wondering how selfie frame uploads could promote your company? By sharing photos on your company’s social media channels, you’re showing your followers how important staff morale and building a sociable team is to your brand, as well as advertising the theme of your event — advantageous if you’ve made amazing profits or won a great partnership deal. Remember, even if some staff don’t upload selfie frame images themselves, they’ll likely be tagged in them by other people. Essentially, these images could significantly increase the possibility of attracting new business or employee interest.

Networking and socialising

Many work colleagues don’t get much of a chance to socialise outside of working hours — which is another reason that the fun and entertaining selfie frame is a great addition to your corporate event! It also gives managers a chance to interact with their staff on a more personal level, rather than simply in the office about business.

If you think the selfie frame is a wedding reception, baby shower or birthday party piece, think again. No matter what the theme, a selfie frame has a place. Your staff can even use them to interact with each other, or members of the public and potential clients at conferences — a great way to break the ice with style and personality.

Opt to customise your selfie frame with your company logo — that way, the world can learn who organised the corporate event, which will spread positive brand awareness. If you get these images shared on social media, you could also attract a pool of new prospective employees.
Make a special company event stand out 
The custom factor of selfie frames is one of its greatest bonuses, especially when it comes to business. Is it your brand’s birthday? Have you had you most successful year to date? Whatever the occasion, customising a selfie frame to shout about it is a lovely touch for your staff to enjoy.

Even better, you can utilise your bespoke selfie frame to enhance your networking skills and opportunities. Forget handing out business cards and trying to recall faces, the selfie frame not only encourages guests and team members to join together and acquire new connections, but images you’ll take will also help you and staff to remember who was there and make connections on LinkedIn or similar platforms.

Save on costs

Entertainment, even at business events, is critical if you want to promote positivity and staff morale. Unfortunately, this costs money and prices can rise rapidly if not kept in check. With free customisation and free delivery when you order selfie frames, they’ll account for only a very small part of your company’s budget.

If you’re organising an event on a budget, choosing a few selfie frame templates can help to get everyone mingling without over-spending — which means you can spend more on refreshments and venue!

There’s huge opportunity at your fingertips with the selfie frame trend. Before finalising the details of your next corporate event of work party, check out the variety of templates available online.

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