Latest WordPress SEO and Social Media Marketing Tips for the Digital Marketers

It is not difficult now to create a stunning and featured website using WordPress, but what if it isn’t optimized for the search engines. In fact, now one is now directly landing on to your home page without passing through the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, or AOL. All these care for the built of your website, quality of your content, and also the user acceptance.

By understanding what these search engines are looking t on your website, you can think of better strategies to implement and bring more success. Downplaying the importance of such smart moves may ultimately put you out of business. Let’s discuss a few essential WordPress SEO strategies to follow.

1. Set the Permalinks

Permalinks are the URLs of your site pages. These are used as links to other sites and search engines to lead people to your website. There is default permalink setting for WordPress website, which you can see at Settings > Permalinks. The developers are allowed to customize it based on the needs. Always use easily understandable permalinks by appropriately representing the content of the page.


2. Create sitemap

A website may have plenty of pages to get those indexed by search engines; you have to tell them the structure of your site. Creation of XML sitemap in Google is much easy now. WordPress features a user-friendly plugin named Google XML Sitemaps, which can generate a sitemap for your website to be indexed by the search engines.

3. Strategizing on analytics

Google Analytics is a wonderful tool which is offered by this leading search engine to the users free of cost. With the help of it, users can keep track of the website traffic and get some insightful inputs to better strategies your SEO efforts. You will know the source of traffic, nature of the target group, and online behavior of the potential consumers. Google analytics will also help the users to conduct various activities like locating the 404 errors, combating the referral spam, etc.

4. Use only SEO themes

There are numerous WordPress themes which the developers can use to build a strong foundation to your website. However, alongside choosing an aesthetic theme which looks good, you have to always stick to only the themes which are optimized for the search engines.

5. Using SEO Plugins

To meet the purpose of SEO instantly, WordPress now offers many customized SEO Plugins like All in One SEO Plugin Yoast SEO, etc. used by SEO services, which can automatically take care of the SEO needs of your website as adding appropriate meta titles, meta tags, meta descriptions, adequate keywords, etc.

Optimizing social media

The need for digital marketers is not just to optimize your website for search engines, but to make use of all potential channels to promote your business to get leads and results. Let’s discuss a few latest expert tips for social media marketing optimization too.

1. Leverage the social media with a goal

The right point to start for digital marketers and entrepreneurs is to make a solid commitment to social media goals. Like any other marketing, social media marketing is also a challenge for businessmen. It’s not easy to grow the audience, make great content, and increase the level of engagement. We may see many give up on social media after a few months of effort. But, this needed to be done with proper planning and a well-defined social media strategy.

2. Present your personality in the best manner

It is essential to be authentic on social media and show off your business personality in the best way. Think of the successful brands on social media and derive what makes them special. On monitoring these closely, you can surely get an insight into successful strategies they try out and make use of it in a customized manner for your brand too.

3. Listen first, promote next

All successful social media campaigns will be lingering around the need for listening to the users than trying to deliberately promote to them. Social media is an open-ended platform in you cannot only talk to but to instantly hear from the users and also respond to them quickly. Many leading brands now use social media pages for effective customer support.

4. Focus on the top selected networks

We may like to be everywhere on social media, but doing too many things will not help, but you have to do every little thing in a focused manner. Based on the nature of your business it is ideal to stick to a few relevant social media platforms with active presence, whereas the profiles of rest can be used to promote these primary SM posts.

5. The right thing at the right time

As discussed above, it is not the volume which decides your success, but the worthiness of the content shared. So, always take a strategic approach to social media posting by understanding the mood of your followers and what they would like to hear from you at the particular point in time. Remember that a passion towards it helps you to make great content.

You can follow the above tips, which will further pave the way to more strategies to help one succeed in WordPress SEO and social media marketing. In fact, it is ongoing learning when it comes to digital marketing, which is an ever-changing platform.

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