Best method to download videos, photos and display pictures from Instagram

Instagram is a well known social media handle that is being used by a huge part of the world’s population. This gives you a great platform to socialise and also meet new people. There is also a huge chance for you to rise to success by displaying your talent on this platform, as there is a huge number of audiences they will leave no stone unturned to make you famous if your talent is worth that fame. Along with various another feature, it is also a great place to hover around and finding new interesting people whom you can follow. As known by all of us that there is also a problem faced by all of the Instagram users and that is the inability to download all the pictures and videos available. There are a number of Medias that we like and are eager to save from Instagram and share to others but it is not possible because of the Website’s policies. We have the perfect solution for this problem out there i.e.

This is another social media downloading platform that is helping people out and making them able to download the desired stuff from the Instagram. This platform not only acts as the Instagram video downloader but also very well allows you to download the desired pictures as well along with the profile pictures you want to. This tool is free to use and is extremely easy to be operated by anyone even the beginners. All it requires is just a few simple steps and clicks to make it work.

How to download the Instagram video?

You must be wondering about the facts and steps that you must follow to make this Instagram photo downloader work properly, not to worry as the downloading process is very easy, simple and convenient for all of the users. There steps you are required to follow is mentioned down below for better understanding.

  • First of all, you have to select out the video you want to download.
  • Next, you are advised to simply add a ‘q’ in the starting of the particular video’s URL to make the downloading happen.
  • This will directly take you to the website, here you will have to click on the button that says download and this will automatically save the video in your computer or phone, whichever device you are using.
  • Even if there are two or more videos on that single Instagram post you can download the whole lot without any problem.

Which posts can you download?

This is one of the frequently asked questions from the users and the answer to this is that this platform is only effective to either the public profiles or the profiles you are following. If you want to access any of the private accounts that are not followed by you, right now this is quite not possible, however you can download display pic or profile pictures of private profiles as well. We hope to have given you all the required answers regarding the working of this Instagram downloader tool.

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