Gaming Tips and Tricks: 5 Ways to Improve Your Gaming on Your Android Devices

You’re trying to play your favorite Android game, but you’ve noticed that it’s slowing down recently. This can happen to any game, from the Final Fantasy 15 exclusive mobile game to any other, and it becomes very annoying. Before you use money to buy a newer, stronger device, you should try these five ways to improve gaming performance. These tips are very easy to utilize, and they’ll often speed up everything else on your device.

Use Developer Options

If you don’t mind sacrificing some battery life, then you can enable some special developer options to boost your game’s performance. This gives extra resources to the game along with enabling anti-aliasing.

You first have to go to the “About” section. Tap “Build” a few times and it will say you’re now a developer. Now just enable the “Force 4x MSSA” option and your games will run in the highest quality possible.

It’s best to only do this if you’re by a charger since your battery will run out faster, and you should disable the option when you’re done playing.

Background Services

Many apps run in the background. This is a good thing because it allows them to scan for new data, but it also requires power from RAM and the CPU. A few apps running in the background won’t do much, but a dozen or more can really reduce gaming performance.

Go to the developer section and selecting “Running Services.” You’ll see all the apps running background processes. Disable them and you’ll be able to provide more power to your game.

Performance Boosters

This only applies if you don’t have a Samsung device. Samsung devices come with Game Launcher, a pre-installed app that boosts game performance. If you have an Android device from another manufacturer, then consider downloading a booster app like Swift Gamer, Game Booster 3 or DU Speed Booster.

These apps will tweak settings and energy consumption so that your games get top priority when running.

Erase Files

Have you noticed that your device gets slower with time? Your device uses a solid-state drive that has many benefits, but one of the downfalls is that it slows down as there are more files stored on it. As you save more apps, images and movies, you will notice the device doesn’t respond as quickly as it used to.

You can fix this by erasing unnecessary apps and loading necessary ones to either an SD card or cloud backup services. Both of these will get the files off of your device’s primary drive so that it can push more resources toward your game.

Disable Widgets, Live Wallpapers and Animations

Widgets, live wallpapers and animations are great, but they all take a ton of resources to work. If your games are lagging, then it’s time to disable these features.

You should have no problem uninstalling widgets and swapping live wallpapers with normal ones, but animations require enabling the developer options. After that, you will see a setting called “Window Animation Scale.” From there you can disable animations.

Your CPU and RAM will now be able to focus much more on your game. You can always turn them back on after you’re done gaming, but that may not be best on older devices that are already chugging along.


Some games require a lot of resources, which can get hard on your device as it gets older. While buying a new device may be necessary, you should notice a big improvement after implementing these five tips. They are all easy to use, and you should be able to make all the adjustments in just a few minutes.

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