Simple web design with optimal functionalities- the hallmark of low-maintenance WordPress websites

The main attraction of WordPress is that it does not require any technical knowledge or skills to run and maintain the sites created with it. This is also one of the main reasons for its popularity as it reduces the operational and maintenance cost for websites. However, it would be wrong to presume that you would have the same kind of experience with all WordPress websites. For ensuring that any Tom, Dick or Harry can conveniently handle the website operations and even maintain it, you have to choose WordPress themes for creating websites that entail low maintenance. Many splendid WordPress websites that you might come across requires high maintenance that needs the support of experienced developers for ensuring smooth running.

If you want to create low maintenance WordPress websites, then you have to consider the type of theme that contributes to the web design, the hosting and the type of plugins that enhance the functionalities. How you should proceed in the right direction is what you will come to know as you keep reading this article.

Select themes with maintenance in mind

The website design is a factor that contributes to the type of maintenance that websites would require. For WordPress websites, themes determine the web design because you just have to build the site upon the readymade design that you select. Since you want a low maintenance theme, you have to consider the design aspects more carefully than just concentrating too much on the appearance and functionalities that most people do. Indeed, you must choose the functionalities that are optimal for your website and help to achieve the business objectives but avoid the complex themes that require high maintenance.

Simple themes require less maintenance

Themes add style to the default features that come with WordPress, and the simpler the theme lower will be the maintenance. Since themes are like the skin of websites, choose a theme that is simple but provides the functionalities you want. If the theme is well coded and simple, you stay assured that its maintenance will be low that you can handle on your own. It would involve less testing and would not break after updating.

Complex themes entail higher maintenance

It is natural that complex themes require more attention to keep it running smoothly. Not only does it require more maintenance, but the quality of support is also only available from trained and experienced professionals that increase the cost of operating such websites. You have to hire professional services to upkeep the site and ensure that it runs uninterruptedly. Since there are numerous styling options and functionalities, you can stylize the content in the way you like. You can add several functions by adding widgets and plugins, but the more you want, complexities increase as also maintenance. Unless it is necessary for your business, it is better to avoid complex WordPress themes. Moreover, you would require some professional specialized in SEO to provide support for the marketing campaign.

Choosing low maintenance theme

It is possible to choose low maintenance themes that provide the functionalities you need by following the below steps.

  • Simplicity – To keep things simple, first decide what bare minimum would meet your requirement. Have a clear idea about the site structure and the number of pages that it should have so that you concentrate only on that type of themes instead of hunting around aimlessly.
  • Authorship– As WordPress is open source, it is important to check who has authored the theme. The reputation of the company that has developed it indicates reliability, and you can refer to user reviews and ratings to judge the quality.
  • Popularity – How popular the theme is has a direct link to its reliability. It shows that users receive excellent support from the theme maker and you too should enjoy it. Also, as many users have used the theme, it has passed several tests even beyond what the author has done, thus showing how reliable it is.
    Theme release date – Use a theme that is contemporary and current but not so new that it only has few users. If a theme is too new, it would not be beyond questioning, as it has not undergone extensive user tests. Choose a theme that is not very old either but updated regularly and receives the author’s support.

Use plugins judiciously

WordPress plugins enhance the functionalities of websites and are a great attraction for WordPress websites. Some plugins are truly splendid, and there is a plugin available for almost anything that you want to do. However, do not overload the site with plugins as it could slow down the website and even increase the need for maintenance.

The better you can map your business process easier it would be to select WordPress websites that operate optimally and requires low maintenance.

Guest article written by: Helen Kirsten is a WordPress developer who is boîte spécialisée en SEO and well conversant in creating marketing friendly websites. She has about ten years experience with WordPress and is currently working as the Project Head of a leading web development company. She loves cooking, and it is a hobby for her.

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  1. Great article. I want to add that branding up your website is the ideal way to make it sell on its own. This cannot happen until you do not spend enough money and time on the creation of a unique theme. Using a generic theme by optimizing some paid themes will save you money but only for a short-term. In the long-term it will hurt more because the most of traffic to land will not convert. That’s why spending on website is always going to give you its benefits in the short-run or on a long-term.


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