How To Rebrand Without Losing Your Audience

Rebranding a company can take many different forms, whether you are choosing a new brand name or implementing a new business model. Whilst these changes take place, businesses still must work to connect and communicate with their customers.

So, is it possible to rebrand your business without losing your audience and current customer base? Here are some tips on how to make it work.

Know Why You Are Rebranding

A business rebrand is a huge undertaking and involves your marketing, employees, client list and web presence. The process is more likely to succeed if you have some compelling reasons for the change.

If it isn’t essential, then there may be others ways which you can grow your business. If your company is leaning towards a rebrand, then be sure that you think everything through which may be affected. Consider the time, work and expense which will be needed and whether the return justifies the effort and expense.

It’s also important that you work to maintain your clients trust during the change, and communicate with them during the process. It’s important that your clients, and other prospective clients, are able to see a continuity of leadership and management of your company.

Don’t commit to a rebrand without having clear and strategic customer-centered reasons as to why you want to. Once you do, make sure that your customers know exactly what those reasons are if you wish to maintain their loyalty.

Have A Strategy In Place Before You Start

Many businesses are surprised with the complexities involved with a rebrand. While the initial plans may be focused on creating a new name and matching domain, the process is more likely to involve the designing of new logos, creating branded company products, setting up a new website and writing new content. To make sure that the process runs as smoothly as possible, without losing any customers, you must have a strategy in place before you begin any aspect of it.

Plan for the changes that need to be made, as well as which parts of your business and marketing strategy will be affected. Give certain members of your team an area to be in charge of, from communication to making design decisions. If you still need assistance, then get in touch with a branding agency Manchester, who will be able to give you more professional advice.

Rebranding is a process where you need to reset your mission and priorities for your business to move forward. Work to show this in your branded materials as well as in the minds of your customers.

Don’t Drop The Ball On Your Existing Customers

Strategies, much like being transparent about your rebrand, will go a long way towards retaining your customer base. But, the best way to avoid a drop in business is to focus on maintaining your excellent customer service, no matter what else may be going on.

If it’s possible, make sure that your rebrand has as little effect on your existing clients as possible. It may take time for the new rebrand to start paying off, so you don’t want your current revenue flow to take a hit.

The ultimate goal of any rebrand should be to grow the company by serving your customers better. Sometimes, this may require putting client services in front of the rebrand, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The process of rebranding is likely to take longer than you expect, and client or customer-facing priorities will always require more of your attention ahead of the rebrand.

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