How Safe are Our Smartphones?

Even the most innovative devices and technology needs power, and the humble lithium-ion battery is still essential for many top-end devices. HP sent shock waves through lithium-ion battery industry with massive 50,000 unit recall in January this year, due to a fire safety risk. Three reported cases resulted in $4500 in damages to property due to batteries overheating, melting and catching fire. There was also a single case reported of a first degree burn injury to a laptop user. Similar problems plagued Samsung and their Galaxy 7 in 2016, leading many to question just how safe these devices (and their power units) are.

Amazing devices powered by lithium-ion

Much about people’s lives has changed dramatically in the last decade, and mainly for the better, due to the digital age and advancements in mobile technology. How amazing mobile devices are, our whole lives seem to be on our phones, they schedule us and alert us to the day’s events. They can also be used in business roles, e.g. helping with team collaboration when many are working remotely by the use of special software including an app which provides a virtual office space. On a personal level we can even keep tabs on our home whilst we are out, such as monitor and control home temperature, check on security or pets and more. With the increasing need for higher strength batteries to power our incredible little devices, lithium ion batteries have become standard.

Super smart phones make lithium-ion batteries safe

Lithium-ion batteries contain a flammable electrolyte and are often kept pressurised which leads to fire safety issues. However, many mobile devices now have safety built in to the performance management system that cannot be switched off. This ensures the phone automatically powers down if safety is threatened by overheating. The performance management also promotes performance by scheduling tasks to take place in the most efficient order. For example the iPhone performance management is an excellent safety feature and cannot be turned off. It is prudent for phone companies to ensure complete safety of their product especially as lawsuits against them for injuries sustained can prove extremely costly both in compensation and in bad advertising.

Best quality lithium-ion for our devices

The demands of batteries these days is huge, hence the need for super charged lithium-batteries. Not only are modern mobile devices getting increasingly more energy hungry but this is now the age when people wish to drive for miles on a single charge in their eco-friendly electric cars. Lithium-ion batteries are an amazing invention and the majority are perfectly safe. It is only badly-designed, poorly manufactured lithium-ion batteries from less reputable sources that should be avoided. In addition, take a few simple safety precautions with your own devices such as do not charge them or place them on soft furnishings e.g. on cushions or bedding such as a duvet, as by sinking into the material they can overheat. It is also prudent to remove protection covers when charging. Enjoy modern technology at its best running on amazing lithium-ion.

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