How can you make a Successful Post-launch App Marketing Strategy?

by Emily on July 29, 2018

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Typically, the focus of every app developer remains on the creation of an app solely. During the whole development process, the retention stays on building an app in the most effective way so that they can cater a high rate of success.

However, the problem arises when mostly every mobile app developer misses out on a very important variant that determines the success of the app, its promotion. It is a no-brainer that launching an app in the market happens to be the most difficult task in the process of development. But what comes after that launch is also very significant.

In this blog, you will find the importance of marketing after the launch of an app and the strategies that you can use for the purpose of marketing.

Why is Post-launch App Marketing Important?

The end motive of mobile app development for any business is very clear; to make money out of it and reach out to a wide audience. Typically, the most important step is to develop a great app, but it is also important to present the app in front of your audience in a great way.

Until your audiences are not aware of what you have developed, there is no chance to attain success from what you have made. The next thing is that as a developer, you need to understand the pitfalls that come attached to the marketing techniques.

Strategies to Consider for the Purpose of Post-launch App Marketing

There are a lot of strategies that bore fruit to developers for the purpose of promoting their apps. Amongst all, the following are some of the most commonly used strategies.

Search ads: Users have become habitual to search for any app through search engines. Almost 30% of users today download apps using search engines. For any app developer, it is important that you focus on search engine optimisation so that when any potential users search on engines, your app comes on the top results.

Give space to reviews: Reviews by users not only make your app more authentic, they also work as a base for your additional customers. Users trust the responses of others because they give their reviews based on individualistic experiences.

To pester customers to give reviews to your app, you can make use of some techniques. For instance, you can provide in-app notifications, wherein you can ask them to give feedback to your app in exchange for some special offers.

However, there is a fine line between required and too many notifications. If the notifications are too much, the users will probably uninstall the app! Other than reviews, you can also provide the option of getting ratings by the users. That is easier and would give a better base to your app!

Provide the best customer service: The power of word of mouth advertising is inevitable. In order to generate that, you need to provide the users with a great experience. If they end up having a great experience, they would most probably tell others about your app!

However, this can work in the opposite way as well. Suppose the users have a very bad experience on your app, chances are their impression would be very negative! Hence, always try to cater a positive customer experience. Be open to interaction and pave the way for feedback.

You can use the platforms of social media to stay connected with the users. Especially, because users love the idea of connecting on social media, and the responses on it are very instant!

Get your app reviewed by experts: No matter what, it is always beneficial if you get your app reviewed by experts, or reviewing sites. That gives a sense of authenticity to your app. And the loyalty of your customers towards your app enhances seeing that it has been reviewed by experts!

The process to get your app reviewed is not as simple. It might get tedious because some sites subject the app to a submission process. And that might take some time, but have patience with that! Some review sites also charge the app some amount in order to certify them or give a review.

Don’t miss out on social media: Since more than 50% people are avid users of Social Media, don’t ignore it as a platform for promoting your app. It is not necessary to blare a presence on every social media platform. You can choose the ones that help you in reaching your target audience in the most efficient way.

You can make use of social media platforms by uploading unique content, pictures or videos regarding your app. Interactive content would engage more users towards your app, and that would make your brand more attractive.


The end motive of any developer is to create an app and launch it in the market. Most of the times, developers don’t even consider the possibility of inputting the whole marketing phase of the app. For them, it ends right with the development of the app. But there is more to it. And that should be kept in mind.

Without inheriting the techniques of marketing in an app. there are no chances that the app would succeed, that is if it is not a one in a million idea!

There are different types of promotion that you can use for your app. But any successful app marketing strategy would require the inheritance of organic and paid promotions. The end motive is to enhance the reach of the audiences.

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