The Best Tablets for Travelling

If you are looking to do some serious travelling it is likely you will want to take your tablet with you. Tablets are the perfect way to take a huge amount of devices with you in one product. Tablets can be your book collection, guide book, maps, research tool, music catalogue, camera, notebook and communication tool. With all these functions in mind, it’s one of the most important pieces of kit in your travel arsenal. So which are the best tablets for travelling with this year?

Amazon Fire HD 8

The Amazon Fire HD is a great budget option for travellers looking for a reliable tablet. The display is a solid 8 inches which makes it small enough for convenience but big enough to watch TV and movies comfortably. The graphics are fine for playing video games or online bingo games with a suitably bright and colourful screen. Although the resolution isn’t the best on the market, it is good enough for most purposes. The 12 hours of battery life on the Amazon Fire HD is actually really good compared with many higher priced models. At only 13 ounces, it is also a decent lightweight option for when on the road.

The basic storage of 16GB might not be enough when travelling, so you may want to increase this to the 32GB option or use the micro-SD slot to add more temporary memory. The higher memory option obviously costs more but it could be worth it so you can load up some movies and games for long-haul flights. As for appearance considerations, the Amazon Fire HD 8 is attractive and comes in a range of colours. Of course, it’s a good idea to get a case for it for protection and this will customise the looks even more. You can buy the Amazon Fire HD 8 for around £85, so this is a great budget option.

Microsoft Surface Go and Pro

An interesting travel tablet that allows for a greater range of activities is the Microsoft Surface Go. This tablet is larger than the Amazon Fire HD at 10 inches and comes with an optional keyboard in the cover, so it is great for working on when you need to type more than the occasional email. This tablet runs on Windows 10 software and although it isn’t the fastest tablet on the market, it is still decent and you can easily play games and run apps. The display is bright and the tablet is attractive in style, while the memory stands at an impressive 64GB or 128GB and you can also use the micro SD slot for adding more memory. Additional extras include the handy Surface Go pen.

This tablet is a touch more expensive than some but for the extras it offers, it can be worth it if you need the keyboard option. Microsoft Surface Go is something a bit different in the tablet market, so it is quite a popular option among its niche fans. For those looking to get serious work done on the road, you might consider the Microsoft Surface Pro, which has a longer battery life and a larger screen at 12.3 inches. This also has a USB port, larger keyboard cover and a memory of 1TB. The Microsoft Surface Pro is a replacement for a full laptop and an ideal travel-sized version for working while you travel.

The Microsoft Surface Go costs from around £380 and the Surface Pro starts at around £600.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 4

The Lenovo Yoga Tablet 4 is another tablet option for travellers whose focus is on battery life. When travelling, it isn’t always easy to charge a battery or plug in our devices to a mains electricity supply. So having a long battery life can be a huge plus point in any piece of technology. This tablet can keep going on its battery for up to 20 hours which is much longer than most tablets. It is also surprisingly cheap. You can get an 8 inch screen size or move up to the plus model with a 10 inch screen. There are also different memory options, including 16GB and 64GB, along with faster processor and higher resolution screen for a more deluxe version.

Although the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 4 isn’t the fastest out there, it can handle all the usual tasks, such as watching movies, playing games and using apps. There is also a micro SD slot for adding more memory and for extra security you can take advantage of the fingerprint scanner, which is a cool extra. At just 10.9 ounces this is a lightweight option for travelling. The basic Lenovo Yoga tablet starts at around £150.

Apple iPad

The iPad is probably the best option for all-round performance and general use. The lowest-priced model has had its specification updated recently so this makes it even more attractive. The latest iPad for 2018 has a 9.7 inch screen with a non-reflective coating to make it more comfortable on the eyes in bright light. So if you want to use this outside on your travels, it makes it more user-friendly. The weight is average and perfectly fine for most travels at 1.03 pounds. The battery life is average at around 10 hours.

One of the best things about the Apple iPad is that it gives you access to the Apple Store, which has so many apps and games that it will keep you entertained for hours. The newest model also has the Apple Pencil, which lets you write and doodle even on the basic model. The basic version only has WiFi internet access, but you can use a Sim card with a higher spec version to allow roaming. For general tablet use on the road, the Apple iPad is a great choice. You can buy the latest iPad from around £300.

Whatever your travel plans this year, you can pop one of these tablets in your bag for reliable entertainment on the road.

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  1. Hi Klaus,

    Good list of tablets. Apple iPad is the best one for me. I like the design and the look. It gives good performance and quite a handy thing to have while travelling.

    Thanks for sharing. keep up the good work. 🙂

  2. I have a fire 7 2015 version and it does what it needs to do but I was wondering if upgrading to the fire HD8 would be a good option. The storage and resolution seems like it would be a really great upgrade.


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