Four Tech Tips for Busy Business Travelers

When you are on a business trip, it goes without saying that you’ll take along quite a few electronic devices. It is also a given that you want to use these important tech gadgets as effectively and efficiently as possible. In order to stay connected while on the road and get the most out of your technology, consider the following tips:

Invest in a laptop with an amazing battery life

From watching movies on the airplane to showing new clients a PowerPoint presentation about the company, business travelers are constantly using their laptops. While running out of battery life in the middle of a show might be an annoying inconvenience, having it conk out during an important client meeting can be downright embarrassing — and it might even cost you the contract. To prevent this from happening, consider investing in a laptop that has an incredible battery life. For example, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Laptop Platform features “all day battery life” that can go for hours before needing to be recharged. These laptop platforms also integrate Qualcomm Wi-Fi, which is designed to send data exceptionally quickly before switching back to sleep mode, which also means your laptop will use less power. Investing in a device that features this laptop platform will save you on battery life, stress and frustration.

Speaking of Wi-Fi…

Research hotel choices well ahead of time and book your trip at places that offer free hotel Wi-Fi. Hyatt, Hyatt Place and Extended Stay all offer solid Wi-Fi for their guests, as do the vast majority of Courtyard Hotels. As another option, you can also use an app like Avast Wi-Fi Finder that will help you locate quick and reliable Wi-Fi networks during your business trip, so you don’t have to use up most of your data plan. The app for Android phones features a Wi-Fi Finder map that will show you free public hotspots that are in your specific area.

Back it up

Before going on your business trip, you should also perform a complete device back up, changing your password to something that is exceptionally strong. Make sure software has the latest updates, and download all of your data on your laptop, tablet and any other devices to a zip drive — this way, if the worst happens and you lose your computer or someone walks away with it at the airport, your hard work and documents will not be lost forever. You should also consider packing your electronics in tamper-evident bags that seal your laptop and other devices from unauthorized access. This is especially important if you are going to leave your tablet in your hotel room for an extended period or if you will pack your laptop in your checked baggage. Then, if you see that the bag has been torn open, you will know that someone has tried to mess with your device and you can take protective measures right away to prevent any damage.

Download some handy apps

To make your business trip as easy as possible, spend some time browsing on the Google Play Store and download apps that will make travel life stress-free. For example, if you are flying American Airlines, you can download their app for flight updates and mobile boarding passes, and if you don’t feel human until you’ve had your vanilla latte with an extra shot, the Starbucks app will show you the closest coffee shop and let you order ahead of time with your phone.

Whether you love traveling for work or would rather stay in the office, these tech-related tips will make your time away easier on you and your devices. By spending some time ahead of your trip to back up data and install apps and making sure you have the best possible laptop platform money can buy, your business trip is sure to be a smooth and successful one.

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  1. Hii
    You have listed awesome tips and it will help busy business travelers to boost productivity while travelling. Every business person have couple of daily gadgets, but they need to know how to use it that will make their work smooth, easy and fruitful.

    Thanks for sharing these tips
    Praveen Verma


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