Top 5 Universal Smart Remote Apps

Mobile technology has been revamping the way our personal and professional lives function. It’s as if the world is shrinking into a single handheld device. Smartphones are assuming an increasing variety of roles by the day and one of them is their function as a smart TV remote. Not only are they able to replace the age-old monotony of traditional plastic remote, but they are also much more convenient and fun to operate. Apps like Peel smart control, Anymote smart remote etc. are using smart technology and transforming the TV watching experience entirely. You can run all basic controls such as volume, play, pause etc. simply by pointing your phone towards TV and swiping across the screen.

Although there are several apps with their own USPs, not each one of them may be compatible with your smart TV and your preferences precisely. This blog picks up top few apps and highlights their features and value. So here we go.

1. Peel

We can start with Peel Universal Remote Control because it is one of the most popular remote apps in the market today.

Peel Universal Remote is more than just an app and it should be safe to call it your intelligent handheld TV guide, a feature other apps on this list may not have. It records your TV watching behavior and offers recommendations based on your liking and disliking for shows categories. It can tag your favorite programs, send the reminders for upcoming programs and help you plan your show-list for one week in advance.

Another interesting feature that this app has is it even allows you to perform basic remote functions on a locked screen.

The capabilities of Peel are not only limited to TV and can serve as a smart control for your set-top box, media players and even home appliances. It’s dominance, however, continues to be in TV remote application.

2. Anymote

Anymote uses its Smart IR Remote app which allows your smartphone to control multiple devices. In addition to controlling all basic remote control features, it also using complex macros t send multiple commands with a single touch on your screen.

It uses IR-blasters and Wi-fi to let you control your TV using your smartphone. It’s available both for iOS and Android and has an optimized interface for tablets, similar to Peel. An advantage that Peel remote control has, however, is that it displays thumbnails for the shows and you can switch to the channel tapping the corresponding thumbnail.

Anymote is also compatible with Amazon echo and Alexa which means you can use your voice to control your TV.

With a wide range of smart features and convenient functioning, it’s not surprising that Anymote is one of the top-rated remote apps in the market.

3. SURE Universal Remote App

SURE just loves media. Besides controlling your TV features, it also lets you stream videos and audios from your phone on the TV screen and even exchange files between TV and phone.

It is also compatible with Alexa which means you can even use voice commands to make remote control experience even more fun.

The backup capability is one of its major features. This means that with SURE, you don’t have to reconfigure your TV when you buy a new smartphone.

This app uses the IR emitter in your phone to turn it into a smart remote and in the absence of an IR emitter, you can use a separate hardware to control your wi-fi compatible smart TV.  Although it’s not as rich in features as the first two apps on this list, it surely can be used for basic and convenient remote control.

4. Unified TV Remote

Unified TV remote app can be integrated with a range of mobile devices that have in-built IR-blasters. You can use it to control TV, set-top box, media players etc.  Although it’s not as rich in functionalities as the other apps on this list, it surely provides simplistic features to mobile-operate your TV conveniently. Moreover, it comes quite economical as is cheaper than most of the smart TV remote apps.

5. Mi Remote Controller

Similar to the other smart remote apps, MI remote controller also works on IR-emitters or Wi-fi. It’s a user-friendly app which is quite easy to configure and set up. Once you install and run the app, it scans and spots an IR and Wi-fi smartphone or tablet nearby and turns the device into a smart remote using its inbuilt features. One more helpful feature of the device is that it does not require a gateway for Wi-fi operation.

Another advantage of this app is like Peel smart remote, it allows all smartphones and tablets to integrate it with your TV and thus keeps you updated on the schedule of your preferred TV programs.

Overall, smart apps can be your personal TV watching assistants by recommending you what to watch now and over the days to come, and you won’t have to filter through channels to watch your favorite TV show, using a simple tap. Peel universal remote, for example, displays the current show or movie recommendations on your TV on its front page. 

So if you haven’t tried a smart remote app yes, it’s time to do so and once you’ve started to use it, you won’t have to worry about replacing your remote battery. You’ll have to keep it charged

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