Top 7 Useful Integrations for Inventory Management App

by Klaus on October 2, 2018

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Any smart online retailer should be utilizing an inventory management app to help them keep track of stock levels, track their products, and improve overall sales. Programs such as the EMERGE app can help small and large businesses alike improve their efficiency by automating some of the most tedious tasks in the supply chain. One of the greatest features of EMERGE is that it allows you to integrate with a wide variety of other applications that can make it an even more powerful tool when it comes to helping you manage your inventory. Here are some of the most useful integrations that you can should consider when working with EMERGE.

#1. Shopify

Shopify is one of the most popular online marketplaces allowing vendors to sell their products on the internet. Selling on Shopify is one of the best ways for an online retailer to increase their sales and improve their overall standing in their industry. By integrating your inventory management software with Shopify, you are streamlining the process to make your entire company more efficient. Sales on Shopify will be automatically imported to your EMERGE app and your inventory will be updated accordingly.

This also allows you to make purchases through the app and on Shopify at the same time, whether doing so for your warehouse or dropshipping purposes. This makes for an effective and quick process from the moment a product is created until the time it flies off the shelves into the hands of customers. You will always know how much product is available and how your item is performing in the Shopify marketplace. There is no telling what you can get accomplished to boost your business when you allow the Shopify integration to make for a faster, stronger, more powerful sales pipeline.

#2. WooCommerce

Like Shopify, WooCommerce is a wonderful online e-commerce marketplace that allows small and large online merchants to sell products. WooCommerce is a little different as it utilizes WordPress to create a website that can be easily customized for sales purposes. By integrating WooCommerce with the EMERGE app, you can streamline your supply chain and administrative processes, keeping track of all of your products and receiving push notifications that let you know when something is low or out of stock. This gives you the heads up to make important decisions regarding inventory without needing to be anywhere near your warehouse.

Because everything is interconnected when you integrate these applications, you can access your information at any time from any place. You can even change product descriptions and send and receive messages from your warehouses. Whether you are looking to manage a product line or get an update on a current shipment, the WooCommerce integration will allow you to do so. You won’t even need to switch between applications as the EMERGE app will let you do everything from within their proprietary program, saving you time and money as you benefit from increased efficiency across every aspect of your WooCommerce store.

#3. Amazon

Amazon is the world’s leading online marketplace, and it is probably one of the most important ones to join if you want to grow your business. Whether utilizing Fulfillment by Amazon or selling as an independent merchant, you can gain exposure to millions of potential customers when you set up a store on Amazon. By integrating your EMERGE app with Amazon, you can effectively manage your Amazon store at the same time as your others, taking all the information you need with you and receiving updates that allow you to make important decisions every step of the way.

You’ll know just how much stock you have available to sell on Amazon and when you need to replenish your resources. You’ll see real-time sales and inventory numbers as product gets sold across the world, and you’ll even be able to access analytics that let you know just how successful certain product lines have been. If you’re selling on Amazon, you need to be integrating your inventory management software in order to maximize your company’s performance and allow you to focus on growth rather than administrative and supply chain tasks. It truly is one of the best ways to move your company forward.

#4. QBO (QuickBooks Online)

Many online retailers tend to fall behind on their accounting and bookkeeping, and that is one of the most common fatal mistakes that they make. You need to stay on top of all of your numbers, from sales and marketing to cost of goods sold and legal fees. With QuickBooks, many of these tasks are automated, and you get real-time updates on your financial numbers and future outlook. By integrating with EMERGE, you become even more efficient as you can access information and make decisions all in one screen without wasting any time.

You can easily export invoices from the EMERGE application to QuickBooks and consolidate different items onto a single invoice to minimize waste. Even if you are operating multiple sales channels and warehouses, QuickBooks can automatically separate and categorize them so that you don’t have to waste time going through every file to put it in the correct place. A single order management page means that you get a thorough and accurate view of your current sales and can easily pull up projections based on past performance and seasonal variations. With QuickBooks integration, your accounting team will become far more efficient and successful.

#5. ShipStation

Without a strong shipping strategy, an online retailer cannot possibly succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. You must be able to manage your inventory effectively and deliver products on time or you will ultimately fail, giving more business to your competitors. Online shoppers have become accustomed to speedy, reliable delivery, and you cannot afford to fall behind in one of the most important aspects of sales. With ShipStation, you are given a one stop shop that allows you to view all shipping rates from any potential providers and to choose what speed and style of shipping you want to utilize.

By integrating EMERGE with ShipStation, you are creating one of the most powerful inventory management duos in the business. You’ll be given real-time shipping updates, and once something gets sent out, EMERGE will be updated so that your inventory numbers are always accurate. No more worrying about double-booking a shipment or forgetting to remove an item from your warehouse’s numbers, this integration will automate that process, allowing you to focus on the things that matter the most. Let ShipStation take over all of your transportation needs while you continue to grow your business and bring in more sales and profits.

#6. eBay

If you participate in the online auction marketplace, eBay is the best place to do business. It provides a safe, secure, and well-known platform that lets you connect with a multitude of customers who can bid on your goods. However, eBay can take up quite a bit of time if you are still selling everything manually. By integrating your eBay store with EMERGE, you get rid of all of the hassle of booking, shipping, and updating your product line. Orders will be automatically imported into your EMERGE app, meaning you don’t even need to log onto eBay to see what has been selling.

You can also manage your products from the EMERGE app, allowing you to sell through multiple channels and see what items are most popular on eBay. This makes using eBay quick and easy rather than long and drawn out, which would happen if you were to manually manage all of your sales. This is an essential tool for anybody who sells a large number of products on eBay, as it helps you to keep track of all of your products and orders, letting you focus on other sales channels while your eBay store runs all by itself.

#7. Xero

Xero is another accounting software that is essential for those who want to focus on cloud-based accounting. It is an increasingly popular application that is easy to learn and runs smoothly on any platform. Now, Xero can be integrated with EMERGE to make your accounting practices more streamlined and save you a bunch of money. You don’t have to worry about double-entries or forgetting to record an order, as Xero will draw this data automatically from your inventory management software and update your books accordingly. This lets your accountants perform more important tasks while administrative duties are automated.

If you really want to maximize your efficiency, integrate with xero inventory management add on EMERGE with your Xero program is an absolute necessity. Not only can you use it to create and push invoices, you can also see which customers are paying on time and who still owes you money with a single click of a button. No more switching between apps and becoming frustrated at copying data from one to another, this integration takes care of all of that automatically and shows you the updates in real time. If you’ve been losing precious hours on your accounting, integrate your EMERGE app with Xero today and save yourself a ton of time.

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